50 years of fake news on the Climate apocalypse

It rained about 4 feet in Beaumont today.

When you are looking for information about science, might I suggest using a source that isn’t best known for advocating white supremacy, neo Nazism, denying the existence of the Holocaust, and calling for the murder of all Jews?

Just a friendly suggestion.


But…those sources promise a final solution.

Yeah, I used to live near there. It does that sometimes.

Whoa, holy ■■■■■ you did post a daily stormer article.

What are you up to?

Yes, he truth needs to be shown about this insane hoax

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Really? Pffffffffffffft! I’m exposing the global warming hoax, what are you up to?

Show that it has never happened before.

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Sigh… now I’m a NAZI? I guess denier wasn’t enough huh? Good grief.

Have you shared this with someone other than people who post on this forum?

Please show us the “Final Solution” plans put forty by Forbes, The American Thinker, Natural News, and Edaily Buzz.

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Now it’s a conspiracy? The left is really good at blowing fake outrage out of proportion.

That makes no sense. Try again.

Read carefully.

Oh…it was the return of Captain Semantics.

Sorry, didn’t notice.


It’s not “symantics” to hold someone to what they said.

This thread is not about Ceasar, I suggest stopping the dog pile before it gets any worse. Attack the substance of the discussion, not the poster.

While it has been entertaining watching you belive you’ve scored some great technical win in the fight for defending using nazi and conspiracy nutjob source(s), It’s time to inform you that natural news is ran by an Alex Jones accolyte and frequent guest host of his show, and is also an anti-semite.

I gotta say, you anti science folk sure have some weird bookmarks.



Posting a bunch of links and screeching “evil hoax” is not substance.

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I’m not anti semite like most of the left & every socialist country.