50 years of fake news on the Climate apocalypse

I didn’t, I quoted Mike Adams, the author.

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The source I quoted Mike Adams, the author.

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So just correct me then if I’m wrong. Do you buy or challenge the global warming BS?

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No actually it’s about global warming being a hoax.

According to who?

The platform of every democrat in the top ten running for POTUS.

We have all heard the dire predictions of the GW crowd. We listed ad nauseam to the ranting of Gore when he went all in. Who could forget that fire brand as he leapt on stage to scream at the heretics who dared to disagree with him?

We continue to listen to a slew of govt officials, politicians, scientists and non-scientists tell us our days are numbered.

So this is a little walk down memory lane. Who knows, maybe the current crop can replay some of those golden oldies as if they are new hits. :wink:

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Prove it.

Why are we talking about the final solution that’s kind of inappropriate.

NN published the piece, that doesn’t discredit the author or their findings.

this is what’s awful

science by definition is never “in” if it were they would stop researching it

that has to be the stupidest position the hack media and left has taken and it is a sure dead giveaway that the only thing “in” is their ploy to use the issue to throttle, control and distribute wealth.

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You’re a scientist/climatologist too?
You sure you not Jamaican with all these jobs :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Wha gwaan my yute


Relying on Nazis and Mike Adams to bolster points.

Wow… that is a low bar being set.


You’re not a believer is all. You lack the religious zealotry for global warming. :wink:


If the earth is warming and I agree it is, is it due to man or a natural cycle? If it’s man, who are the main contributors and what’s being done about it?

Personally…the tax I’ve paid has been in the 10s of thousands of dollars and in the form of higher prices for improved technology that includes almost everything US citizens use in their daily lives. The carbon tax and pollution credits has been the united idea by governments across the globe for some time but has not been implemented here in the US. I compare this idea to using plastic bags instead of paper bags to save the forests. The problem created as a result, is larger than the one that was attempted to be fixed.

waa… it’s true

here - this is how we can atone for our sins

“journalists” are there to help us


Remember that one time when the ice age ended and no one could figure out the source of the heat-energy required to melt the ice caps as fast as they did?

Good times. lol

Yes, science always evolves. Care to actually discuss the science or will you continue nipping at the edges?

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I believe the natural cycle we are in would promote cooling, not warming.