50 years of fake news on the Climate apocalypse

Nice article put together by the CEI showing the last fifty years of climate apocalypse predictions. I remember all this stuff. From the new ice age to the population bomb to global warming. " By the year 2000…" Is how the media would scare the children back in the day…

All good religions have an apocalypse for sinning… Usually a flood. You know rising sea levels. Like how NYC was supposed to be partly under water by now…


Ignoring problems and leaving them to the next generation has been the acceptable norm for too many people and climate change will be no different. Geriatric conservatives have made it very clear they don’t really care as they will be in the ground by the time the consequences of their inaction come back to bite us.


Huh?, I want the children to prosper and lie better than we do.

That’s why I point out how this Eco religion is using fake science and hysteria to lower their standard of living and remove their liberty.

Heck, having to pay for our entitlements is way more of a burden to our kids…

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So you support conservatives who bomb any chance we have at lowering our deficit in order to hand massive tax cuts to rich people, ignore the fact the planet is warming at an alarming rate, ignore the plague of gun violence, roll back emissions standards for vehicles, promote coal instead of renewable energy sources, and help to foster a society where ugliness and division based on race/gender/sexuality etc is promoted.

The next generation thanks you.


At best the tax cut lost 100 billion over ten years, but I’m sure it made us billions as it is keeping us out of the current global economic slow down.

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This one is hilarious…

(Due to global Cooling)…“By the next century (= by the year 2000) The consumption of Oxygen by combustion processes world wide will surpass all the processes which return oxygen to the atmosphere.”

That one brought a tear to my eye!

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It’s amazing that you think that that article supports you in any way.

Its funny, but stuff like OPs post really has a “death throes of the AGW denialist movement” vibe to it.


I’m sure if it didn’t, you’d actually point out why…

If that was true you’d try to win with debate instead of using labels to end debate… “Denialist” sounds so religious…

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Just you wait and see, OP! The ice caps are really gonna disappear this time and you’ll never have an air conditioner in the summer again!

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Wow. Quite a word salad of issues that have ■■■■ all to do with the OP

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Debate on climate change is demonstrated by bringing up 49 year old articles about smog? You got them now, Cratic!

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It was written by a SCIENTIST!!

It is too much drama and hyperbole for the young people. Climate CHANGE does not even make sense…It is like calling water wet.

The US should be proud of the measures we have taken over the last 50 years to improve the environment and yes we can do more WITHOUT the hysterics…the kids get it.


We were sold this in elementary school on a weekly regarding the coming ice age.

Look, it’s September 19th and I just got out of my pool to get another beer. It’s 86 and without a heater it’s 80 degrees in the pool. Who am I to argue!

Yeah, yeah but…this time…this time…

What kills me is that it’s all a giant political ploy to get more tax revenue for corrupt politicians all over the globe…and they’ve managed to herd so many sheople into their pen of ignorance, to bleet out fear…to their fellow sheople.


Yes, we all acknowledge that scientists can and have been wrong.

except for now huh?



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and nothing restores ice caps like trillions of dollars from productive people in the hands of democrats