50 years ago today

…the events described in song Smoke On The Water transpired: the Montreaux casino fire.

Frank Zappa and Deep Purple: 50 years on from the Montreux Casino fire

This is probably the most recognized riff in all of rock and roll history. And though greatly reduced, Deep Purple survives to this day, having just released a new album.

Although, they might now be better be described as “Ian and the Purples”.


I’ll self-bump this once, cuz I think it deserves a bit more play.

Thanks for the background story.

That’s still a cool song.

Isn’t it though? I would submit that the only other riff that even comes close to universal recognition is Iron Man.

Also the solo: perfection.

Hmm…Now I gotta ponder on that…lol

I am totally open to other suggestions, but I can’t think of any.

Wild thing by the Troggs

The are few by the Stones …Kind of hard to pick just one.

Yes, but with the same universal recognition? The only one I can think of that contends is Start me Up.