50 die in Samoa of get this measles

Haven’t these people heard of vaccines…

Guess not.


Oh well. Their body, their choice. :man_shrugging:


Guessing this is about poverty and access to healthcare, not anti-vaccer nonsense.

if only there were some way to verify instead if just guess…

Considering they are racing to vaccinate people, objections to being vaccinated doesn’t’ appear to be an issue.

I read the article, it doesn’t say. You obviously did not :joy:

well as long as you re done guessing

This is simply a matter of poverty.

Anti-vaxxer is usually not an issue in impoverished or third world nations.

Ethiopia is poor yet all of their people got the small pox vaccine back in the day.

Guess measles isn’t quite the scourge that small pox was.


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Smallpox was a MUCH greater danger than measles and consequently was more aggressively fought and finally eradicated.

Measles is entirely preventable and should also be among the eradicated diseases.

50 kids are dead. That seems pretty dangerous to me.


We should use dead children as an excuse to force drugs into people. lol

Again, I was making a comparison, not a value judgement regarding the danger of measles.

As a COMPARISON, smallpox was much more aggressively fought than measles. That is a historical fact. That is not a value judgement on my part regarding how measles should be fought.

Having made the above point.

In face of the extant emergency, Samoa has mandated vaccination for 100% of its population, at the point of a gun if necessary and has made it illegal to discourage, prevent or refuse a vaccination or to speak in any way against vaccination for any reason.

Looks to me like they are aggressively combating measles in Samoa.

That’s exactly what Samoa is doing right now.

You know for the betterment of society.



So that rant about the poor children was just a bunch of nothing. Got it. lol

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Toss the anti vaxxers in jail. That’s the ticket. I’d do it in the United States too.

Vaccines have been a god send to modern society.

Lots and lots of people healthy and living due to vaccines.




That’s right, imprison everyone who does not consent. They’re not even human anyway. :rofl:

Finally…some honesty.

Public health members run in my family. They are human. Just not the brightest lights on Broadway.

Everyone should be vaccinated.

Since you,were in the military. Did you refuse vacs?

Do you know anyone who did?


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Don’t worry about me, worry about those disgusting sub-human pieces of crap that don’t agree with your views. Let them know how awful they are and how they belong in prison for being different than you. :rofl:

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Nowhere is is stated that people in Samoa are refusing or being “forced”.

Leave it to right wing elitists to get upset about impoverished people receiving healthcare.