5 major brand bow to the communist party of China

Trump couldn’t get the NFL to submit during the kneeling protest but I’m sure if they said something about Hong Kong the NFL would bend a knee faster then Jamie Lannister.

As protests roil Hong Kong, companies wary of upsetting the major Chinese market and its patriotic, high-end customers are distancing themselves from pro-Hong Kong opinions. On top of internal efforts to quell dissent in the semi-autonomous region, brands are quickly noticing that China will target those that show support for protesters. On the weekend, after a tweet from Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey, the NBA initially launched into an embarrassing defence of China ahead of its own executive, who had backed those taking to Hong Kong’s streets. But the Rockets and the NBA are not alone. Faced with similar calls, brands are deciding, quickly, that siding with China makes economic sense. Here is a look at how five brands have climbed down

Corporations are not bound to democracy or freedom or liberty. They are only bound to maximize profits for their shareholders.

China is run by modern-day Nazis (actual Nazis, not Trump supporters) and we need to remove our businesses from having commerce with them. We should not be endorsing their actions with our dollars.

Shame on Vans. They have stood for being against the grain since day1.

I used to be on their skateboard team…