4th ranking democratic loses primary

head of the democratic caucus
was expected to challange nancy pelosi for the speakership if teh dems win the house.
had been a congressman for 20 years

lost to a 28 yr old woman who is very far left.
by winning the primary she is all but guaranteed a victory in november.
its her first elective office


This could be the rising of a Dem Tea Party.

As someone who is steadfastly against Trump… That is not a good thing.

And of COURSE Trump tries to make it about himself. He’s too dumb to realize that Crowley likely lost for not being “Resistant” enough for his base.

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“his President”


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If you are calling her “far left” then I’d guess she’s practically Communist.

What is it with Dems moving further left all the time?

That’s one of the issues with the Ds. They are doing NOTHING to bring in disgruntled R or independent voters. The race to the far left continues.

The following people are all likely candidates for POTUS

Harris CA
Booker NJ
Sanders VT
Warren MA
Cuomo NY
Gillibrand NY
Newsome CA
Biden DE

What do all of the above have in common? They all represent either the Atlantic or Pacific coast states, and all of them dark blue.

Can anyone think of a single D from the heartland or south who’d have a reasonable chance at winning the nomination?


Alot of people predicted this after the Hillary defeat the party would be moving far left towards the Sanders/Warren political zone. Will have to wait and see how this plays out nationally, but in California to the left of Mao is possible.

None. Democrats are too far left. I feel Bernie Sanders still have an axe to grind with how they were treated among the big tent democrats. We could be watching a party destroying itself from the inside out

That bodes dangerously ill for the country.

One of the reasons why Hillary lost was likely at least some Bernie voters stayed home in the general.

It’s really quite astonishing to see many Ds openly embracing socialism now and abolishing ICE, etc. Way, way out of the mainstream.

So many Ds aren’t dealing with reality and are not even trying to relate to the heartland. If McCaskill, Donnelly and Heitkamp are defeated in November, Ds from middle America will be almost as rare as snowflakes in Phoenix.

Now Rs of course have the opposite problem of not appealing to most on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, but they are still more of a national party with strong support in the midwest and south.

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joaquin castro

Bernie’s not even a D, yet of course he ran as one. Can’t say I blame establishment Ds much if they are going to insist he join the party before he runs again, assuming he does of course. He’s even older than Trump, but then so is Biden, and both are likely to run.

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Who is he and what does that have to do with this topic?

hes a hispanic congressman from san antonio
but i actually meant his brother julian who was obamas hud secretary

He’s a young Democrat from Texas who is a possible candidate for President.

Pretty relevant to the post he responded to.

also tammy duckworth
or klobuchar of minnesota
or maybe even oprah

More likely, he’s pointing out the lack of unity among Dems,. I find the questioning of Trump’s intellect amusing, since you guys have consistently underspestimated him.
Oh well, I know you’re really, really sure your side will win+ this time for sure!

Oh ok. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which post someone is responding to.

He might run but won’t be the nominee. My guess is either Warren or Harris.

Only Oprah would have a chance from that list.

There are almost no Dems from the midwest or south that are well known like Warren is, to give one example,

I mean I could say Rs could have Kevin McCarthy from CA run for POTUS too. I’m talking about people who would have at least a decent chance of winning the nomination.

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