4th Rally Sunday- LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Rome, GA 11-1-20

Coverage is going on

LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Rome, GA 11-1-20

Coverage has started. Trump is on the way. This one in Georgia.

The place is hopping.

And so begins my 2 week self quarantine. I know people in my area who are dumb enough to go to this COVID Petri dish.

I really wish he’d stay the hell out of Georgia

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The multi-day voting crap should have been stopped immediately.

The wide scale mail-in ballots was the biggest scam.
All these tactics are by-the-book commie tricks used for more than a century in other lands.

Yeah, how dare the government make it easier to participate. We can’t have a government that makes things better for its citizens

Georgia is electric with MAGA

Airforce One might here

The President is almost here in Georgia

Watch this, it’s surreal

All the democrats who already voted leftist and Biden, should go CHANGE YOUR VOTE bright and Early in the morning— Or be on the minions list of the evil International Corporate Totalitarians a shame you will carry the rest of your life–even if everyone else forgives you.

Airforce One is landing

Not a fan of easy voting I see. Why not limit voting to one hour at lunchtime?

Just common sense folks. We have a president who only cares about getting his ego pumped up.
He doesn’t give a damn about his supporters. And Trump supporters are fine with it. Do they think that this is all fake news? Trump wants herd immunity which could mean over 6M dead in the US. The day can’t come too soon for this idiot to be gone.

He’s speaking now

The violence still rages and still. none of the leftists or minions speak out against it.

If any of the democrat leaders or minions had any gumption, they would be forcibly removed by police, these treasonous state politicians, holding their citizens hostage and thumbing their nose at America.

Who would change their vote after doing all the research to decide who they voted for?

So now the upcoming Rally in MIAMI

You know that some new info is available and you might need more research