40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


Haha, hilarious. YOU brought Trump into the conversation, I simply replied to you:


You don’t seem to know the difference between mentioning something and bringing it into the discussion. It was you who chose to shift the focus from the NZ Deputy PM to Trump.


As I’ve stated many times before, this is a dangerous cult that needs to be monitored by our intelligence agencies ASAP.


What? lol. You brought up Trump first, and when I responded, you accuse me of deflecting to Trump. Okaaaaaaay. You literally brought him into the discussion.


Yes … and they have been spreading. They have now aligned themselves with the LGBT movement. :wink:


No I didn’t, I mentioned him as an aside to highlight the hypocrisy of liberals defending the deputy PM’s prejudicial statement. You made him the focus to deflect from the deputy PM’s comments. I would ask if you can see the difference, but I know that would be a waste of time. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


You made a comment about Trump and I replied to it. End of story. I’m not trying to deflect from the PM’s comments, and in an earlier post I stated that it was wrong for her to make such a statement. She screwed up. Take off your partisan blinders for just a minute.


I do love irony. :wink:


Maybe you can explain to me why I would try to deflect from the PM’s comments when I agree that she screwed up and shouldn’t have made them. In case it still isn’t clear to you, I agree with conservatives on this one.


I could not begin to explain the ramblings of liberals.


Yeah, it’s pretty obvious you’ve lost the thread here.


Someone forgot to tell him it was a contest apparently.

What are the rules?


Oryx let me point out that the alleged comment was not made by the PM of NZ. The poster who made that claim has had to correct the record.

I will also point out that neither the PM nor the deputy PM play any part in the sentencing of an accused who has been found guilty.


You’re arguing facts that aren’t even in contention nor have they been.

The PM and Deputy PM can very much however taint the jury pool which is why they are supposed to keep their mouths shut on a suspects’ guilt or innocence.


Jacinda Ardern is not a Liberal. She is leader of the NZ Labour Party.


Do you know definitively there will be a jury involved?


Unless he takes some sort of plea deal there will be.

The right to trial by jury is protected by NZ’s BOR.



She’s a socialist so by US standards yes she definitely is.


Any provisions applicable that will allow a trial by judge only?


And here I was thinking she was a Kiwi.