40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


Cowardly attack? How can someone be a coward on an anonomous forum? We are all hiding behind made up names and we even have posters that hide their profiles. Lol next you will be telling me we have courageous posters.

Dude take a breath - you keep replying to me so obviously it bothers you. Stop replying and you will hear nothing more on this topic that obviously bothers you so much.


To WR, Samm, et al

NZ will strengthen their gun laws and the vast majority of Kiwis will overwhelmingly support the changes. They also will overwhelmingly support PM Jacina Ardern’s actions and words in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Christchurch.


Well, you sure denied it until someone reposted a quote that contained it. In other words, you denied it until you got caught. :wink::wink::wink:


Sheep to the abattoir.


I did not deny anything. I have in every post stood by my comments. The mods deleted my comment that my opinion was this thread had racist and bigoted comments. Show me where I ever denied my original post. The mods deleted my post after it was flagged, it doesnt stop me believing that what I posted was true.


London to a brick on Jacinda Ardern’s approval rating would be so much higher than the current occupant of your White House. Kiwis approve of the principle of strengthening their fun laws.


You denied calling members of this Forum “racists and bigots.” But it was shown that you did. Now you seem to be denying that you denied it.


Why would you think that matters?




Gosh this certainly has got under your skin. I never denied anything and you know full well if i accused individuals of being a racist i would eat a ban or time out so good try in trying to goad me into doing that.

Posters in this thread made comments that I have a personal opinion on. I exprssed that opinion and someone or more than someone flagged it and it got deleted.


Under my skin? I’m not the one who is continuing to deny the fact that he denied saying the things that were deleted.


Surely there must be more to it than that. Because if that’s all there is, then it really doesn’t matter, does it.


Dude you keep this conversation going. I am perfectly happy and comfortable in what I said and did not say.

Wildrose saw the futility of his constant replies so now its time for you to get on board the nemesis was right train.


I agree. I admired his spirit but was making the point that because the world is not like him, I’m not giving up mine.


Why indeed.


So who are the racists and bigots you uncovered by “reading between the lines” in this thread?


Emphasis mine. So who are the racists and bigots?

And irony.


Yeah, you did.


Yeah, it bothers me to be called a racist and a bigot.


The brevity of the post was inversely proportional to the disdain I had of the post I was responding to