4 More States To Begin the Early Voting Process Today, 9/24/20. And Seriously, Why is This Necessary?

Texas increased early voting because vote by mail is a strictly limited.

Our republican governor doesn’t see the need to create dangerous artificial bottlenecks at polls when instead he opened the polls earlier.

Did the same thing during the primaries.

Early voting is both sane and reliable.

Mail in voting has been used for 30 years and is also reliable.

You’re being lied to.

Sounds like a reasonable process.

I agree. And two weeks is plenty of time unless there are unusual reasons.

I agree.

The state republican party, however, does not:

In July, Abbott added six days to the early voting period, moving the start date up to Oct. 13 from Oct. 19, citing the coronavirus pandemic. In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday with the state Supreme Court, Abbott’s intraparty critics say the move defied election law that requires early voting to start on the 17th day before the election.

I’ll add that I do believe our absentee requirements are too strict. I expect they’ll loosen up during the next legislative session.

But if states want to offer a month and a half, there’s no reason to try and limit it.

Like I said, you should question why the GOP keeps wanting to limit options as opposed to expand them.

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And I agree with Abbott.

I gave my answer and I’m sticking to it.

That would be an incorrect memory.

The “screaming” occurred when the North Carolina legislature requested data on voting methods by race and then instituted changes that disproportionally impacted minority voting patters.


Where are people being forced to vote early?

If you want to watch the debates before making a decision you are free to do so.

I think it’s kind of funny that some people seem to think that Trump will come out of the debates looking less psychopathic, narcissistic, or autocratic than he does now.

Not a chance.

He will try to prove that he’s the smartest man in the room and will screw the pooch.