4 companies on verge of $26 billion deal to settle US opioid lawsuits

For their roles in the Opioid Epidemic that has killed millions and ruined millions more.

Did you get your Johnson & Johnson vaccine yet? :man_shrugging:

Shouldn’t be allowed to practice as a pharmaceutical company. Now that’s punishment.

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Any idea how much the government is paying them for their vaccine? Seems like they should’ve been excluded from this.

Yep. It’s funny even in the documentary about the drug epidemic they are barely discussed yet made billions on it

Like a 5 year suspension or something?

How exactly did some of us use our prescriptions as directed and limit them to the pains for which they were prescribed? Anyone want to try a tendon graft on children’s aspirin for pain management?

I hate seeing the seriously injured and ill penalized for the actions of drug addicts. And how does the vaccination relate?

Interesting… I don’t know how I feel about this type of ruling.

I’m hoping more states and local governments opt out of the suit. How exactly is government supposed to help drug addicts recover?

Oxycontin was a godsend following Achilles repair surgery. I really hate to see the access to pain management denied for those whose pain is chronic.


Here is a beautiful alternative for those seeking help for addiction and it only costs $1 for the coffee and rent space if the addict has it. Where’s the need for government funds?

Where in this organization’s statement is shifting the blame for addiction onto doctors or “big pharma”? How is an addict supposed to recover with lawsuit money and playing the blame game?

By getting them into supervised rehab is exactly how.

NA is just AA with a different subject matter and equally as ineffective.

How exactly is supervised rehab effective?


And don’t many drug and alcohol rehabs steer their clients towards AA & NA for follow up?

Hold on. First you acted like well what can the government do about it, like it’s such an unanswerable question. I pointed out the obvious mechanism and the role of government in this situation. And it’s still about judging addicts like it’s a moral failing. Like opioids are ok for ME but that weak willed people turned into addicts.

Structured rehab is their best bet. Opioids are hard to kick.

Jailtime and plenty of it.


I feel that. I recently dealt with a bum gall bladder, and *totally * felt like I was being treated like a junkie.

Of course, once removed, I didn’t even bother to fill the stingy script for pain meds.

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Government should not be used as a means to bubble wrap human beings and protect them from the consequences of their own choices.

When prescribed Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc. the directions and use are right there on the bottle. Choose to up the dose, use it for other aches and pains or go the heroin route, that’s your choice and no one else should be required to pay for your rehab, supervised or otherwise.

Also, let’s factor in that it usually takes an average of 7 attempts to successfully kick.

I have heard inflamed gall bladder is quite painful. Hope you’re better.

Where’s the proof that “structured rehab” works?

How are addicts in and out of rehab explained if “structured rehab” is their best bet?

Thank you. It was, and I really needed pain relief upon arrival at the ER, but once my GB was removed, it was smooth sailing.

I even declined the post-op follow up.

Jail time for…?

Lying about the addictiveness of their products, to the public AND the FDA, knowingly selling a hundred times more supply than the entire populations of towns to those local pharmacies, negligent homocide. I’m sure there is more.