3 states the gop are sore losers in

Basically you have 3 states…N. Carolina was In 2016 but they did the same thing…these states are trying to pass…well they are passing laws to curb the power of incoming democratic leaders.

So while this will battled in the courts. I just want to remind everyone of this when people post pictures of people crying because Hillary lost.

The gop has no ideas that help the working man. They think tax cuts, longer hours, less pay and less benefits are better.


It’s almost like their ideas are so bad that they need to cheat to win.


I think that you made a typo in your headline.

Sore losers? Do you mean how Democrats constantly projected this huge blue wave for months on end, and then even after they wont the house, they still sat there and whined
and complained about it? hahahaha lol.

You gatta be kidding me? Is this seriously a joke thread?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

They arent hiding anymore

the republicans don’t give a ■■■■■■■ about the people they are suppose to represent. They’re on a power trip. That’s all they want is power. Dirty rotten bastards.

All of those sound better than the dimocrats plan for raised taxes, union workers you can’t fire, high unemployment, welfare, food stamps and crime.

dimocrats suck.

Then why do most people vote for Democrats?

Because the Dems are the nation’s sugar daddy.

For the free stuff.

Pay attention.

What free stuff?

Union workers can be fired…just had one fired recently.
I get it…you prefer to pay people lower wages and ■■■■ healthcare…but I’m not gonna debate with you since I know your sthick here…

That’s why the right had to lie about being for preexisting conditions when they really tried to kill it.?

Or this a case of you guys wanting to keep the government off your medicare?