3-judge panel upholds subpoena in the mystery case in DC


This is the one from last week where they blocked off an entire floor in a DC courthouse. The “Corporation” (owned by “Country A”) now has to abide by the subpoena.

God the movie will be epic. Hell it has to be a miniries by the people who did band of Brothers. No other medium could do it justice


It’s like they are just leaking enough tidbits to whet the whistle. Must be some very nervous crooks out there! :joy:

Mar a Lago is not a extradition free country though


so there was a whole company owned and controlled by another country to undermine the U.S election?

Follow the money.

Clinton foundation and Soros obviously


My mom is loving this stuff, she said its the best day time soap opera in years.

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Mueller is like a bloodhound.

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And you guys are used to parliament yelling at each other

Since Watergate.

It’s going to get even better once the hearings start!

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I was thinking David Simon, the dude that did The Wire and Generation Kill and The Deuce. He’s actually working on a miniseries based off Phillip Roth’s The Plot Against America as we speak.


True that would work as well. But no matter what they need to make sure Robert redfod makes a cameo as Woodward

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Is that guy who played Fredo still alive?

I heard some talking head say that this must me about getting banking/financial records from a foreign bank.

John Cazale died right after filming The Deer Hunter.

Is this the same “secret” case where a Trump appointed judge on the circut had to recuse himself?

Yep. Same case.

Then Im stumped as to why there’s so much secrecy and judicial speed surrounding this case, if it’s regarding a “corporation”

■■■■■ I just lost my coffee. :slight_smile:

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