3 days apart. just 3 days

Only a true Decision Maker like trump can change their opinion that quickly. When Obama does it he takes freaking forever. It’s hardly even worth changing Obama’s opinion because it’ll hardly even be worth it by the time it’s done.

Trump. That’s efficiency right there. I tell you what.

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Trump has the quickest changes of opinion - the best changes, really. No one can change their opinion as fast as Trump. He is yuuuuugely successful in changing his opinion.


Very good! Lol.

While there’s probably not a legal definition for the word push in this context, there’s certainly a definition for the word “lie.”

Donald is the definition. It’s amazing how you people cover for him.

when a president pushes, it’s more than a damn tweet.

I gladly defend our Commander in Chief.

3 days is an eternity to Donald.

You’re much better at this in parody than Trumpists in earnest expressing their love and devotion to their Orange Goblin King.

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More like explosive diarrhea.

you mean when he met with House republicans on the 20th specifically to talk about the immigration bill?

Neither does trump. He has the very best people to keep track of them.

After a bad chicken dinner.

Or a fine dining experience at your local Krystal.

Efficiency in Chief

That about sums up trump

I remember a time when flip flopping (John Kerry) was so bad that AMradio spent months on it.


Sad thing is - with Kerry, that was just a one time thing (the $87 billion).

With Trump, it happens all the time.

Incidentally, as a side note and for full disclosure, I was on the bandwagon ridiculing Kerry for it - just as I am ridiculing Trump for it now.

Who’s a proven liar. I get it. It says a lot about how little credibility matters.

I don’t know, but I think it depends on what the meaning of “is” is…