3 days apart. just 3 days

this is the mango mussolini lying . 3 days apart. just 3 days.

Id love to see some trumpsters try and defend this…

This surprises no one.

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Who looks back that far into the past?

I don’t even know where my pants are.

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I saw that. If it’s true…he verbally farted? :sunglasses:

Our president doesn’t verbally fart. He is the most elegant and insightful speaker in the history of speech itself. Everyone knows he has the best words.

We have always been at war the Eurasia.


what is the legal definition of “push”?

He embarrasses me sometimes, just like you. Maybe not as often and definitely not as much. I also see a positive side that…TDS infected people do not.

No problem, 5 days before the all caps tweet:

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its true. i checked his twitter page,they are still on there

If you can see it, I can smell it?

If you don’t like Trump’s position on a certain issue, just hang around about 15 minutes. He’ll reverse himself.

On another note, I propose we change the name of the White House to Waffle House.


I thought this tweety was a 'bit of a stumble."

Keep working through, never give up.

Really? Obama was against gay marriage one day then the next day he was for it so just what kind of LIAR would you call him or Hilly herself for that matter who “turned on a dime” on the issue!

There are not enough little white lies or BIG lies and/or miss spoken words that Trump can make that would ever come close to LYING liberal Democrats.

I believe Obama was lying when he said he was against gay marriage. Public opinion wasn’t where it is today, and he was afraid his support would hurt his election chances.

I could be wrong, but that’s how I imagine it went down.

Oh my gawd. You can’t even say Trump lies when it’s literally laid out side by side?!?


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no answer for my question?

That’s because he isn’t actually consumed by any ideology. He’s only consumed with himself. Initially, I thought he was a New York liberal masquerading as a Republican, but really he’s just a clueless narcissist that likes the sound of applause. So, he’ll say whatever he thinks his audience at the moment wants to hear.

Also, had to give you a like for the Waffle House bit. Laughed harder than I should have.


im sure you can point out obama saying he was against gay marriage 3 days before he said he was for it.

but i wont hold my breath waiting for the response i know wont come

I’ve kind of gone through the same thought process regarding his quick changes in ideology. I think you are right on target in your analysis.