3 d printed meat what the *****?

A friend just traveled to Holland and went to a 3d printed meat restaurant. So I googled it. Guess the globalists are running down this path. Now they can ban farm animals. we got vaccines that do not work for Chinese Wuhan Virus and its mutations, Masks that do not filter the Wuhan Virus, electric cars totally rely on Chinese rare earth metals and chips, and now this. .

Here is a dated article about 3d printed meat from Tech Times in December 2021…

I am going to ask for some photos from Holland. We are living in a whacky world…

Any comments for or against would he greatly appreciated. Has anyone tried 3d meat yet? is the beyond meat burgers made from 3d printers?

Globalist food?

Everything must be a conspiracy…


Soylent Green is people, you know…


My company is invested in and standing behind many of these printed meat ventures.

Like it or not, it is the future.

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If you do get some pix, please post them

I’d try it. Gotta get the price to be competitive though…

Here are some video’s if anyone is interested.

1st video is 3d printed meat.

2nd video is vat grown meat.


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Based on those, I think vat grown is a lot closer to market than printed meat.

Thank you for the videos. Very interesting.

This is an interesting concept, Safiel. Thanks for the information.

Well it is going to fight global warming and get rid of cow belching and flatulence. Bill Gates is a big mover in this technology. I would say a new investment opportunity for globalists. That may not be a bad thing.

It is not chicken ■■■■ either. And animal rights folks will like it…

Hope I can score some engineered Wagyu steaks when I go to Osaka. Did not realize Osaka U has manufactured Wagyu steaks

I’ll be one of the neanderthals eating red meat until the end, because of its health benefits.


No thanks, there’s actual, real food walking around on my property. You can have your chemical romance with someone else.


This is why there’s a new push from climate change cultists to eat bugs now. I’m sure they’ll mash up much easier for 3D printing needs.

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The fact that it’s called vat grown might hobble it. Needs a marketing push with some variation of “clean”.

This meat is made via processes that can be mentioned at the table in polite company. So they can go all in on being the less gorey alternative and have it stick easily.

Synthetic meat sounds more appetizing than vat grown LOL.

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The push for bugs is mostly because of sustainability and security, not printability.

People are waking up to the fact that it takes lots of water to grow hamburgers. And that chowing down on protein sources extremely similar to ourselves is playing with a gun loaded with the next nasty disease or parasite.

We’re already at the point where the idea is widely acknowledged as sound but unappetizing. Won’t take much to get over that hump–just a few more diseases–before cricket flours or plant sources sound more appealing.