3 Black U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime

I thought this was already a hate crime

Unless you are a certain Mississippi Senator. Then it’s just a fun way to spend an afternoon with your buddies.


How many have been lynched since 1968? Since 2000?

If it’s still an ongoing problem, then a bill like this is warranted. If not, this just seems to be pouring fuel onto a racial divide.

Another example of derangement.

This bill will help bring down lynchings in the United States.

Deranged would be sitting in Mississippi, a state with a long history of racially motivated public hangings, and joking about attending one.

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I don’t mind them passing this bill, as long as we view it as a symbolic gesture.

LONG TOO ******* LATE for such a bill to have any actual practical effect.

Lynchings are nearly non-existent at this time and the few that occur can be handled under existing laws.

Yeah… Black people wanting lynchings to be a hate crime is dividing the country on race not the actual lynching

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There is probably no overlap between people who would support this bill and people who think we should maintain confederate statues on government land.

And just after posting this question, I came across this article:


So some of the participants in the lynching from the article I posted were black, and the victim was not.

And the “lynching” they are being charged for was a gang-related shooting.

I wonder if that’s the sort of lynching the Senate bill is looking to address.

All lynching is bad. Glad I could clear that up.