2nd Amendment Slavery

And then you went there.

What’s the difference?

Stand your ground laws are not rooted in the 2nd Amendment.

What does that have to do with it?

Castle doctrine is not protected by the Second, it would be protected by the Fourth.

they are trying to attack the second creatively but its a failure because the laws they are sighting are unrelated.

though the question of “Vigilantism” and if Castle doctrine protect those who “seek out” confrontation is worth debating Zimmerman case comes to mind.

but that has no weight on ones right to own a gun.

Again … What does that have to do with it?

because of the legal argument the ACLU stated in the article.

the Second has nothing to do with vigilantism or castle doctrine.
its a weak argument.

Maybe I wasn’t clear … what does it have to do with slavery?

When you hear an argument as stupid as this one, it exposes the mentality of those making the argument and I predict this will be a mental stain on the ACLU from now on.