2nd Amendment Slavery

This was interesting from the ACLU.

Santos wrote the “vigilantism of widespread gun ownership puts Black Americans in an especially vulnerable position” because of brutality and the human cost of discriminatory policing.

“Throughout the history of this country, the rhetoric of gun rights has been selectively manipulated and utilized to inflame white racial anxiety, and to frame Blackness as an inherent threat.”

Be interesting to see the comments from our esteemed members…

It’s clear what the impetus behind this idiocy is:

“We must cancel the 2nd…cause racism and stuff.”


Well, prior to a standing army or police forces, the only tool to put down a slave revolt was a militia.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the notion that the 2nd is founded on racism.

Everything ever done by the country is now being interpreted in terms of racism and slavery.

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I like this one;

Gun control, not gun rights, is rooted in racism dating back all the way to the Black Codes.

I agree. The 2nd Amendment did not arise to keep the blacks down.

Although there were cases where the lens of gun rights was used to burn blacks.

I mean the one of only times Ronald Reagan and the NRA were for gun control was when the Black Panthers had the guns…

Isn’t that an example of violating the 2nd Amendment?


Or more succinctly, gun control having a racist foundation.


Well even recently, the shooting death of Castille and wounding of Walker. I was not surprised but disappointed by the muted response from gun advocates and the NRA to clear examples of the tyranny they worry about so much.

It’s weird that Fox would right an entire article about a three paragraph ad blurb for a podcast written by an intern, and then feature a bunch of angry tweets and characterize that as ‘the ACLU was slammed…’ Angry tweets literal happen to everyone - except like dog videos…

I don’t think the 2nd amendment is inherently racist.

I do agree that of course the early gun control laws that forbade blacks from owning guns were obviously racist.

I think there is some gun rhetoric that plays on racist fears of people of color, but really, it seems to me, most gun rhetoric plays on the fear of gun control lately.

But this is all so silly - it’s a plug for a pod cast written by an intern.

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Well, obviously the black codes that forbade black Americans from owning guns were racist.

but that doesn’t mean gun control is rooted in racism. It means rather the racists USED gun control legislation to advance their racist goals.

It’s not a well written three paragraphs.

Gun control is inherently classist.

It only affects the poor who cannot afford security for theirselves and their property.

Gun control is fine for the bourgeois, who have the means to hire security. The police also tend to bow to their whims. They will protect their neighborhoods and throw the poor to the wolves, as they’ve done in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles in the 1990s.

For the rest of us, the working proletariat and the poor, gun control serves to destroy the means to protect what is rightfully ours and our lives.

Gun control is classist nonsense. If you respect the poor then let them defend theirselves by the means they can afford. Don’t take away their protection. It’s morally abhorrent.


Gun Rights = Liberty

Gun Control = Racism

Glad everyone agrees.


The NRA is not going to criticize cops.

In the name of the ACLU

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Sure. But it’s not some policy paper or an op ed. It’s a three paragraph teaser for a podcast.

The article fox wrote is 3 times as long as the teaser written by an intern.

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In the name of the ACLU

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Yeah, that’s true.

Which is weird given their concerns over state tyranny. The citizen facing organizations of this tyranny are cops and other LEO’s

How many of their members do you think are cops?

Where does the NRA membership stand on “law and order”?

Yeah, good points.

And if they are going to step up, it probably won’t be on behalf of a black guy.