269-269 = 26-22 Trump

Personally, I will laugh my ass off if Pelosi’s house votes to reelect Trump. Just the look on her face would be worth it.

I think the only way the house votes is if the election is close in a couple of states and Trump follows through on the Axios story of getting the legislatures to appoint a separate set of electors and having the supreme court invalidate the election. Then the house would have to vote.

if its 269-269 they have no choice

and with the states in play, there’s a lot of ways to 269

This is why we can’t rest until November 3. There has been a good turnout in early voting - we need to ensure that continues. If you have friends that haven’t voted, see if there is anything you can to to help them get to the polls. The win needs to be decisive so we don’t have another 2000 election (or worse).

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If you’ve voted you can rest.


Oh, no.

You can join a phone bank.

You can canvas a neighborhood.

You can stand on a street corner and wave a sign.

You can call friends and relatives and talk to them about why Trump is bad for the country.

You can join voter transportation volunteers that help registered voters get to the polls.

There is a lot to do.


Being a poll watcher is a highly underrated way to spend your time on Election Day.

i’m cool with 269

There’s actually only a couple ways to 269-269.

Not that they are improbable, but there are fewer ways to an EC tie than other outcomes.

I haven’t been a watcher but I’ve spent my Election Day stumping for candidates at the polls.

fewer, but much more than 2. just playing around i found at least 6

Or ballot counter for mail in

There’s definitely gonna be higher than the average number of poll shenanigans this year, so even if you’re just hanging around to call in the flying squad of lawyers it’s worth it.

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Yes…libs are determine to cheat.

Bias confirmation is heavenly…


it’ll be especially funny watching nancy try to find some way out of it.

Yes…I seen first hand what happen in my state with Dino Rossi.

This ain’t going to the House, Biden will clear 270.

Even if it did, the INCOMING House votes and Republicans are down in enough races that Democrats may very well have a majority of State delegations.

I remember this scenario being discussed during Bush/Gore.

An interesting twist is that the Senate would pick the VP. If the Senate flips to Dems it could be a split party president/vice president.

And there are some twists that would make the VP role not irrelevant.

Meh. House determines who gets seated and can boot pretty much anyone.

I see no reason why Pelosi could not simply refuse to seat enough republicans to change the state by state vote.