26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shooting

So is gasoline.

If a guy is bigger or faster than you he might fight back. How you gonna fight back 28 high caliber bullets in a surprise 32 second attack? How you gonna do that Wise Guy? You wont Have time to drop your soda

Again with the knife as if that is the only other way to kill people. No, you don’t choose a knife if your goal is a large body count. But you could just as easily choose gasoline, or your car.

No. Because death and mayhem are not my goals.

Things deadlier than guns?

Black powder and ball bearings in a mason jar.
A uhaul.
Bleach and draino in an air duct.
Aforementioned gasoline and a match.

If a person is only looking to cause random death the list of things better than a gun is huge. Where a gun excels is at being selective.

I don’t know why there’s this reluctance to cop to this simple truth. Unlike knives, guns allow you to kill at a distance and require less skill to employ. Unlike explosives, they don’t require the time and expertise necessary to construct.

Gun advocates enthusiastically choose firearms as their primary means of self defense, and home defense. I don’t hear many people talk about knives, explosives, or other weapons/devices in the same manner. Is that because they’ve been fooled by Hollywood to glorify guns, or is there a tactical reason behind their choice?

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Follow up.

I wouldn’t limit it to just Hollywood. It’s entertainment in general.

How absurd

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How are a building full of sleeping people going to fight back against an arsonist, or a crowd against a car or truck? And do you have any idea how easy it is to make a flamethrower? With napalm no less.

So is the entertainment complex in its entirely the sole agent to blame for this glorification?

Sure, who else is? Not the people supporting them for self defense, they aren’t racking up body counts in self defense.

I can’t think of anything that started the trend of the glorification before the entertainment complex.

If these means are all so easy, why don’t more killers employ them? Why don’t people use cars or flame throwers for self defense or defense of their home? Why aren’t they used more often than guns in murders? Is it solely because Hollywood makes guns look really cool?

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All right, thank you for responding.

Oh, sorry - did you have a response to the first question?

What other items are as deadly and efficient [as guns]? Do you defend your own hearth and home with these items? Why or why not?

Self-defense is different, the goal in self-defense isn’t high body counts and you don’t have the element of surprise. You need something effective you can lay your hands on quickly that can hit a specific target, not an indiscriminate means that is going to burn down your house with the kids in it. Indiscriminate works just fine for mass murder though.

Because neither a car nor a flamethrower is useful in that task.

But when you just want random killing they are much more destructive.

Because we have more people who want to kill people. We have higher rape rates than most industrialized countries too.

Answered in the post you first replied to.

And as stated it’s the difference between discriminant and Indiscriminant

Can’t believe he actually asked why you don’t defend your home with a flamethrower, gasoline or a car.

Yes because there are sick people who seem to want to kill for no reason.