26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shooting

Boston Marathon bombers killed or injured hundreds in a mere 12 seconds without a gun at all.


You betcha.


Divide 9-11 into seconds.



Agreed…now we are the point where bragging rights come out.

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If we start romanticizing knives the way we do guns the population will be wiped out in a matter of months.


Thank goodness he was not driving a truck:

Any ideas why a gun is chosen so often by these mass murderers, when there’s so many available options?

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If anyone comes up with a solution to murder, rape, robbery or any of the other horrific crimes that have been around as long as humans have, let us know. No, there are no solutions, if someone wants to kill a bunch of people in an open society they can and will do so. And before you say “but other industrialized countries don’t have the same problem with it that we do”, ever stop to think that is more about how many people they have who want to kill a lot of people than what weapon they happen to choose to do it?

Or just maybe, their weapon of choice is a gun because they are guaranteed a lot more press because the anti-gun left and media will make sure they get all the attention for their real or imagined grievance they could want.

Sure, a few. Movies glorifying gun play, and guaranteed huge headlines in the press come to mind. You think they will stop wanting to kill people if you could magically make all the guns disappear? Get real. They aren’t mass murderers because they like to shoot guns, they are mass murderers because they want to kill a lot of people to draw attention to themselves and their grievance. I see absolutely no reason they wouldn’t move on to their second weapon of choice if denied their first. Maybe you can explain how that works. “Oh I really, really want to kill four or more people but if I can’t do it with a gun, I’m just not interested any more”. That’s absurd.

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You’re being silly. Please quote where I said “These people wouldn’t kill if we just took the guns away.”

Now that’s over with, is it your contention that the only reason these killers choose a firearm over say, a knife is because movies glorify guns and they’ll get more press because of the anti-gun agenda?


so then someone with a pump shotgun and your incredibly fast pumping skills couldn’t have killed as many as this guy with a semi. They would have to reload after 7.

And thankfully, the police with there super fast…

While it’s true a firearm is more effective than a knife in most situations. Why is a gun chosen over other items that are more deadly and efficient than a gun?

Because guns are glorified.

What other items are as deadly and efficient? Do you defend your own hearth and home with these items? Why or why not?

EDIT: Follow up question - Hollywood is the only entity mentioned here that glorifies guns in our culture. Is Hollywood alone in that glorification?

All other industrialized countries have gasoline, knifes, trucks, etc…

Why are we the only ones that kill each other so frequently?

How a bout a hammer?

Because the are cheap and effective and easy to come by

Or a walker?