25 million tons of unsold soybeans to rotten in storage


Um……………long day lol. I used my brain so hard today I about went cross eyed. Don’t mind me…………….


While the people buying it suffer………………


I don’t mind having my work checked. And I have made errors in the past no doubt. But it’s not that often so I appreciate yours was a friendly check. I’d hate to go all ‘math quiz’ on you.


Being in construction for forty years I’m normally pretty good at that kind of thing. Today I had to maintain a super high level of focus for like nine hours though and it just fried my brain, so no quizzes right now lol.


My brother was in construction (houses to high rise rehab) his whole career. He was the same, with numbers, except sometimes at the end of the day when he wasn’t. High pressure environment.


I still remember every phone number I’ve ever had back to 1968 and even some credit card numbers. I dunno, they just stick in my brain.


This is a lost art with the digital generation. They never have to memorize any strings of numbers.

My daughter who turns 21 next month, texted me today asking what the last 5 digits of her SS # were.



Did you remember them? :sunglasses:


LoL yes I did! I can still remember strings of numbers.




What? Not enough feminine male vegan liberals not eating enough soybean burgers?


Don’t hold back, let it all out.


Lol dont let me strike a nerve


Yesterday I spoke with a soybean farmer who came in and he said that he has $9.50 into each bushel of beans standing in the field and they’re worth $8.50 on the open market. He also said that this has been going on for some time now…not just with Trump.


how much are they worth when no one is buying them?


Which doesn’t change that there are million of tons NOW sitting there not being sold. The tariffs are the problem.


Good one, LOL. I’m sure America’s soybean farmers are chuckling along with you.


I love democrat dramatics. Hey where was the dramatic for farmers when obamas epa were crushing them with regulation?


What in the world does an ex-President have to do with you making a joke, in February 2019, at the expense of suffering American farmers?


I an sure the farmer is more resiliant than one bad season.