$25 million reward - DOJ wants Maduro

Venezuela President Maduro wanted by DOJ for drug trafficking, Barr announces

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Before I take this on, I first need to know…is the reward paid…whether or not, he’s dead or alive? :sunglasses:

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accidental death would be just fine - go getum!

This is ridiculous.

Where are we coming up with all of this money? :rage:

An invasion of Venezuela in mid October would not surprise me at all. Just in time for the general election.

There’s not going to be any invasion of Venezuela.


Remember this guy???


We invaded Panama for the exact same reason.

Yeah, I was there. :wink:

Trump is not Bush.


Taking $$ from him - and his cartels with plenty left over. Profitable operation in many ways.

…thank goodness. :sunglasses:

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We’re you there for the 24x7 music?

Yes. And the Dig Bats and the whole 9 yards. I was there almost the whole year before and 5 years after. With a couple of small breaks.

Still amazed at the 180 so many folks did on both the Bush’s.

It happened for me when Bush Jr. did his 180 into Iraq. Bush Sr. is a whole different subject.

I didn’t on either one.

When Bush declared the war over and that we had won in 30 days but that now, the US must rebuild Iraq and only Haliburton is of the magnitude to take on this task, I was done. No matter how you skin that, it was corrupt.

Ok. I don’t care who gets the money as long as it’s an American company.

Bad idea…

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It’s stupid. Now is not the time.