21 Seats Away 2020

In order to take the majority in the house, Republicans will need to capture 21 seats this cycle and hold onto the 197 seats they have now. In this thread I hope to catalog those seats held by democrats that are in jeopardy and show glimmers of hope that republicans will indeed attain a majority.

The first seat is that of Jeff Van Drew, a blue dog democrat from New Jersey’s second congressional district. He voted nay on impeachment and has vowed to switch party affiliation.

The second is held by Joe Cunningham, (D) South Carolina’s first congressional district. A Democrat hasn’t held this seat since Jimmy Carter was president. He won narrowly in 2018 but is up for re-election 2020. He is expected to be challenged by Nancy Mace.

That’s two thus far…


If Van Drew is going to swap parties, and if you’re looking to pick up R seats, what’s the point in wanting him to be at-risk.

Given that we’re talking about NJ, chances are good that a Dem will oust him.

Regarding the overall question, I think it’s too soon to tell.

GOP is working to leverage the asininity of the impeachment, and in my estimation that’s the best way to pick up a bunch of seats. Time will tell about the effectiveness of that approach.

GOP will retain majority in the Senate, and gain seats in the House of Representin’.

Dems will hold the House majority. Libs will claim some kind of blue slush again.

Trump will continue to be their President.

I think Haley Stevens Mich 11th. This district has been republican for long time. How she manger to win in 2018 is beyond me.

24 Republicans retiring. 7 Democrats retiring.

Exhausting and often embarrassing.

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Yeah so…we have enough libs retiring after 2020 election.

As for Meadows…he has other plans.

Given what I’ve seen in the gop you have 6 seats on the edge of flipping. I havent seen what the dems have for people on the edge.
If numbers stay the same as 2018 dems will retain the house and maybe pick up a few senate seats. Colorado and maine come to mind.

I’m not sure if they’re on the edge, but these are districts that went Trump 2016. I’m in no way suggesting any are a lock, these just seem to be the most likely districts to target.

From what I saw they where within 10%…so think the district was net 5% for them. We have seen some wild swings in 2018. Almost in some places 20%.

I’m not going to predict what will happen, but its gonna be a battle. But right now the dems have a slight edge

The Democrats are very likely going to maintain the House. Texas’s 23rd Congressional district should turn blue next year since Congressman Hurd is not running for reelection.

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Ron Kind WI is at the bottom of that list yes his district went for Trump, but Kind is very popular. He’s just a decent guy who is very active with constituent services, helping people with their problems, answering questions, helping them navigate government issues. Like congresspeople used to do.

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