20yo kills girlfriend, girlfriend's dad and brother and his own parents

Here he is…

Evidently he hadn’t been dating her long when he gunned her down then wiped out her father and her brother. then went back to his own house and killed his own mom and dad (who didn’t initially die but did later at the hospital). then he ran off to grandma’s house in VA.

So lets see, you post a story about a guy who killed five people before the police could stop him and you think that is an argument for law abiding citizens to give up their best means of self defense?


Every man, woman and child should carry a firearm with them at all times in all locations. It’s the best means of self defense and the ultimate solution.

Was he taken alive?

If he had killed a family of five while driving intoxicated would you have posted it? If so, you are missing a heck of a lot of tragic family death stories.

Deflector shields up. We all know it’s not possible to talk or sympathize about gun death unless you talk about every possible cause of death.

“Gun death” crime is called murder in this case. Murder laws will apply here.
Not sure why people will not just obey the murder laws.

Feel free not to have any means to defend yourself or your family, that works for me on several levels.


I’m sure that home invasion intruder would love to take you up on that peaceful solutions to the problem in regards to your safety.

Maybe share some chamomile tea while you go over the details of your surrender.

Criminals don’t give a ■■■■ about your pacifist tendencies. In fact, they love them.

I read that like your gonna go rob people…just saying it’s a wierd post

There are few rights more fundamental than keeping a firearm at home and accessible for self defense. People who do so stand a chance in a home invasion, those who do not really don’t with a determined attacker.

These stories are so sad, if only there was something we could do to prevent these events, but alas there is nothing.

There’s lots you can do. What you can’t do is keep bad people from getting their hands on guns if they are intent on doing so.

Alive obviously since he was arrested. “Did he surrender or refuse to do so giving the police justification to shoot him”, would be the question.

You also stand a good chance to have your kid shot themselves…

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No you don’t, not if you have your firearms properly secured and teach your kids about the dangers of mishandling them.

Most people my age grew up in homes with completely unsecured firearms with very few such incidents because we were raised properly and trained from an early age to respect them and how quickly things can go bad when you don’t.

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How is the number of guns in the hands of law abiding Americans your business at all much less a matter of great concern.

How about we focus on the bad guys and preventing them from having legal access to firearms.

In this case a guy who could have been sitting in prison for multiple felonies and permanently rendered ineligible was allowed to plead down to a misdemeanor and get a slap on the wrist.

Let’s address that.