2024 United Kingdom General Election results thread

But they were promised that their economy would skyrocket!! Instead of repeating the 1970s.

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That is awesome.

By way of NYC? Growing up Italian in the 20s/30s in that city would have been something else. A lottttttttt of action.

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Nope. Both grandparents arrived at Ellis Island then made their way to Pittsburgh the home of their sponsors .
Our extended family are all Pittsburghers.


Good stuff. That took a lot of guts.

Our (legal) immigrant ancestors stories are just one of millions. They all came for the dream and worked to that end. Fast forward to today, the illegal invasion horde, however made possible, is an absolute insult to those who emigrated here 120+ years ago.

While Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire constituency has not officially reported yet, the SNP has conceded defeat and the Liberal Democrat candidate Angus MacDonald has claimed victory.

(Correction) Labour should be 411. The Guardian’s count had the Speaker listed as Labour, which was his party before he became Speaker and non-partisan.

That makes the final seat count:

Labour 412 411
Conservatives 121
Liberal Democrats 72
Scottish National Party 9
Reform 5
Green 4
Plaid Cymru 4
Independents 5
Speaker (former Labour) 1

(Northern Ireland)
Sein Fein 7
Democratic Unionist Party 5
Social Democratic and Labour Party 2
Alliance 1
Ulster Unionist Party 1
Traditional Unionist Voice 1
Independent 1

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Damnit now I want an All Star Special.



What is this Super Bowl you talk of? Sounds like some minor sporting event that barely registers on the global sporting stage unlike shall we say a real sport like :soccer:

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Where faking injuries is considered a real sport… :rofl:

England is only a win away from the Euro final, right?

Correct, they face The Netherlands on Wednesday night.

It will be a good game as Netherlands are currently ranked 7 in the world with England at rank 5.

The USA (obviously not in Euro 24) are ranked at 11. Its been great to see how the USA has improved in the FIFA rankings since I was a lad.

It’s not an idea. It’s happening.