2022 Mid Term Election Thoughts

In the past, I’d probably lazily cling to conventional wisdom, but 2016 sort of destroyed all that (which is good). I know the main media template is set (DEMS TO BE DESTROYED!). Which is entirely possible. I am 100% prepared for Democrats to screw up any breaks or advantages they have.

With new laws making it harder to vote, in many states, that gives the R’s an advantage.

Which was the sole reason for those laws.

Sadly, it will probably work.

If showing an ID is an impediment, I thank God you are not able to vote.


This has nothing to do with voter ID.


I think things are in place with three issues that is going to make it a huge red wave. Gas prices, inflation, and crime. Yes they are other issues but these three would sink any party in charge at the time. At this time it happens to be the democrats in charge.


And the open border.


No they don’t. Voting is no harder, but fraudulent voting is.

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Yes they did…voter fraud is a made up BS lie, the right pushes to justify their BS.

And their followers swallow it up.

Go find a credible study that proves voter fraud is a problem in the USA.

Oh it’s a big list the three I listed I feel would sink either party in charge. Immigration has very low marks as well.

No…they did not. There are no impediments to voting for legitimate registered voters. The issue is not about fraud, the issue is about the potential for fraud. Just because one cannot show fraud has occurred does not mean that there are not weaknesses in the security of the system that could allow fraud to occur. It’s no different than beefing up the security on your house and/or property even though you have never been burgled.

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Horrible analogy.

If some homes in my area were broken into, a deterrent would make sense.
If no homes in my area have been broken into,with no evidence of an attempt, putting up detreents may make one feel good, but it is not necessary.

Of course, making it harder to vote, is a little different than that lame analogy.

It is ok…you believe what you need to believe.

Keep in mind. there have been many cons who have admitted that is the reason for all those voting “laws”, and why they do not want the US Congress passing laws to ensure voting is secure and just as important, accessible for all eligible voters.

Only a fool would leave his valuables unprotected until someone steals them. The same goes for the integrity of the vote. Relatively few people absolutely believe that recent elections were seriously compromised by fraud, but the majority of voters of both parties have doubts about the security of the votes because of the obvious potential for fraud.

Why do you think that it’s bad to tighten security on the legitimacy of the voters and cast ballots?


And one just happens to be the leader of the Republican party

And so many others won’t tell him he’s wrong. Lest they get primaried.

What breaks or advantages do Dems have? And which Dems? I would be especially interested in policy-based advantages, please.

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Well it’s looking like marijuana will be one.

There were some allowances made for COVID, on a temporary basis. It can’t be easy to hold an election in the middle of mass hysteria. The “historic turnout” was due in no small part to boredom from being lockdown and exposure to constant media noise. And of course, the new found realization of some things that had been happening for a while going unnoticed.

There were also some abuses of power leading to these allowances. Many of them were done with emergency powers.

The abuses caused resentment and now there is a reaction.

Having to get up off of one’s dead ass to go vote is normal, not suppression.


Brandon picked a great time to take the gates off the hinges.


We must be ever vigilant, lest it return. Like slavery and fascism.


Who was it in 2016?

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