2022 Mid Term Election Thoughts

Once again, there is a lot of talk about “Wave!”. Of course the scoreboard will tally by “D” and “R” and the media will determine the “winner”.

I think it’s more complicated than that, in both parties.

R - there is a struggle between several different factions. Hard corps Trump supporters (MAGA), Policy Supporters who want Trump to fade away (America First), and Establishment Republicans (No Changers)

D - the Hard/New Left Socialists, the Woke/CRT Fanatics, Establishment Big Government Dems and Progs. And alliances/combinations.

I think Manchin is an example of why what kind of D or R is important. Greene and Boba are examples on the R side.

So the scoreboard D and R tallies aren’t going to tell the story.

Ds will get elected. What kind of Ds will they be?

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To be fair, a lot of people who get lumped there are actually supported by Trump, and not the other way around.

After the last election, I have no thoughts and will not have any thoughts until I am convinced our elections are secure.


Well you are in luck! They are 99.99999% secure.

Even your bank doesn’t guarantee that level of security.


As of yet, hard left socialist have no power in the party. Big government Dems do and I don’t see that changing ever. There will be more of a move towards the left but not anywhere near the extreme.

There is no Woke/CRT faction. But of course you had to find a way to weave it is. You can’t help it


It’s just so fascinating to see Trump’s gaslighting work so well.

What a time to be alive!


I thought the America First Caucus and the MAGA people were the same? The GED crook, the Florida pederast, Orgy on Wheels, and Jewish Space Lasers are Trumpists and America Firsters, correct?

Is there a Trumpist who deviates substantially from America First “philosophy”?

(Realizing it’s sad that the most recognizable names are the worst people. Online news media does 100% highlight the worst Republicans…I’d wager more people in the US could name the four knuckleheads I listed than could tell you the minority leader…)

Sure. Just my terms and the way I see things.

Quite a bit of overlap, no doubt. Complexity is rarely clean.

Now do your tribe.

They retired a SCOTUS justice.


The next SCOTUS judge.


I assume you mean Dems, because nobody cares about my corporatists and technocrats - boring - you didn’t even give them a mention!

You mentioned Wokies and Socialists.

The Brother Marrier, Larry David, Hot Girl Leftist Trump, and Castro’s mistress would straddle multiple lines.

I recognize every word in that post; as a word.


Lefty nicknames are tougher right now than righties, though the brother marrier and Larry David should be fairly obvious.

I don’t know either reference.

I believe Larry David = Bernie and Hot Girl Leftist Trump = Tulsi. No idea on the other two though.

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I don’t rely on luck.

Cool. Our federal elections are 99.9999% secure.

…when this conclusion is being made by a Russian collusion, illusion, delusional Brandonite…well…what’s a zillion times zero? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :-1:

This is not an election fraud thread. Get back on topic please.