2020: We Can See Clearly Now

Yes she is very stupid and acts high as a kite.

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Kamala is a good example of senile Joe

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Dens with a conscience, who already voted have been searching how to change their vote.

#HowdoiChangemyVote. it was trending than Twitter and Google stopped the trending. They can in fact change their vote


“Can I change my vote” and “how can I change my vote” is trending now on search engines.

Some states allow people to change their vote. :sunglasses:

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I just read your post.


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I like the OP, but why the attempt to cover every topic under the sun in one thread?

I do appreciate at least a weak attempt to break it into paragraphs.

However, remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

Let me go first:
Did you write that yourself or just paste it? (Don’t make me go all DuckDuck on that…)

Their masks came off in 1968, 1980 (Carter’s crater), 1992 (Hillary Care), and 2009 electing the Choomster crackerjack Marxist. Any idiot can see these things.

Rock on RS.

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You just noticing now we are all mod weary? Give it a week.


liberty is the answer.