2020: We Can See Clearly Now

Anyone who lived through 2020 will remember it as a terrible year scarred by a pandemic, racial unrest, widespread riots and draconian lockdowns. A year to forget for all who suffered its wrath. However, history will remember 2020 as a Great American Awakening. A brief moment in time when the ruling class brazenly allowed the proletariats to see their masters’ true intentions.

The shocking election of political outsider and billionaire Donald Trump in 2016 set the stage for this fateful moment in time. A President beholden to no one because his campaign was largely self-financed and cost only a fraction of that of his opponent. As a result, the ruling class had no way to control this man. Therefore he could not be permitted to hold the office. The ruling class aligned against him while he was still a candidate. They concocted a sinister plan to smear him as a traitor to the country, along with a ‘contingency plan’ consisting of a coup to oust him from office in the unlikely event of his ascendance to the presidency. A three year investigation ensued, including a special counsel with 18 angry political opponents of the president rounding out the team. After $48 million, multiple falsified submissions to the secretive FISA court, countless leaks sensationalized by a media acting as a shill for the subversives … the Russian Collusion hysteria unceremoniously went silent.

To paraphrase John Adams, the truth is a stubborn thing … you can lie to cover it up for a while, you can tell even bigger lies to keep it covered up for a while longer but it will never go away and it will never change. The truth will always be there waiting to be found by the smallest, weakest beam of light shone in the darkness.

In 2020 Americans learned the Russian Collusion story was actually the brainchild of Hillary Clinton, floated during the summer of 2016, at the height of her e-mail scandal. We know this because of a note written by then CIA Director John Brennan who advised the now disgraced FBI Director James Comey. We know the sordid details of the Clinton Campaign’s $9 million payment laundered through the law firm Perkins-Coie which paid Fusion GPS to hire retired British spy (and notable Trump hater) Christopher Steele to produce the nefarious Steele Dossier, which was leaked to the press in January 2017 and used as justification to spy on Trump campaign personnel including Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. We know about the now infamous White House meeting in which the framing of General Michael Flynn was hatched with President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Susan Rice, Sally Yates and James Comey in attendance because, on the day of President Trump’s inauguration, Susan Rice memorialized the meeting in an e-mail to herself, clarifying that the persecution, err, prosecution of Flynn would be done “by the book” as the President had instructed Comey.

In short, we know that President Trump did not collude with Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, rather he was framed by the guilty. We know the CIA, FBI and Justice Department participated in a coup to overthrow a duly elected president. We can see that clearly in 2020.

In 2020 we learned that “all women must be believed” actually means certain women must be believed, other women must be ignored. In 1991 we had to believe Anita Hill’s accusations against Clarence Thomas even though she told no one in the immediate aftermath of the alleged incident, and remained silent for the following 13 years. There was no evidence to support her claims, she remained on the job with Thomas, and even transferred with him from job to job after the alleged harassment had taken place.

In 2018 the believe all women mantra was repeated when Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanaugh of abuse that allegedly had taken place 35 years earlier. Like Hill, Blasey Ford told no one at the time. Her accusation included no evidence, no corroboration, and no detail. Numerous contemporaries swore to the FBI that they had witnessed nothing resembling Ford’s accusations.

Perhaps “believe all women” was in effect beginning in 1991, took a brief hiatus during the Clinton presidency, then went back into effect in 2001 and remained so through 2019, but the mantra certainly expired in 2020. Have you heard the name Tara Reade? Probably not. Tara Reade says Joe Biden sexually assaulted her, including digitally raping her, in 1993. Unlike Hill and Ford, Reade did tell others at the time, including her mother. Unlike Hill, Reade quit working as a Biden staffer immediately after the incident. In fact, Reade’s mother called the Larry King Show during August 1993, the same month of the alleged incident and the same month Tara quit work on the Biden staff, and recounted her daughter’s experience live on the air, without naming Biden. This recording has resurfaced recently.

On April 9, 2020 Tara Reade filed a criminal complaint against Joe Biden. Where is the inquiry of Joe Biden about Reade’s allegations? Where is the press? Where are the ‘believe all women’ members of congress? Where are the protesters screaming at senators in congressional elevators? Where is the FBI investigation? To add irony to insult, note that Joe Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee that stood in judgment of Clarence Thomas back in 1991. A hearing in which Justice Thomas aptly named “a high tech lynching” and a warning to “uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves.” Believe all women really means believe the women the ruling class tells you to believe, ignore all others. We can see that clearly in 2020.

In late 2019 the Wuhan Flu (came from Wuhan, China … get it?) was unleashed on the world, a deadly pandemic that might have killed millions of Americans. “15 Days to Slow the Spread” and “Flatten the Curve” were the slogans used to persuade a frightened population of free people to surrender their jobs, their businesses, their education, their kid’s education, their extended families, their vacations, their plans, their weddings, their lives, their liberty … but only for a short time! … ?

The spread was slowed and the curve was flattened. Hospitals were not overrun. No one was denied care because of a shortage of supplies, doctors or beds. Medical supplies were produced in massive numbers, tests administered by the tens of millions. Therapeutics were developed at record speed and survivability increased sharply. Data came in clearly identifying certain health conditions and age groups who were at-risk, and also other groups who were not at-risk.

Still some of our most populous states remain fully locked down. Disney World in Florida is open while Disney Land in California is still closed and will remain closed indefinitely says the state’s governor. In these states you cannot go to work, school, or dine out. You cannot open your business, go to a wedding, a church or funeral service. You cannot visit a sick relative in the hospital. You can’t even get your hair done in doors … unless you are a member of the ruling class. In some American states and cities you could be fined and even arrested for doing these things. Should you dare to protest the lockdown you will be mocked by the news media and possibly fined or arrested … but you will not be prevented from protesting with Black Lives Matter or even looting and rioting with BLM, rather you will be praised in the media and bailed out by Democrats. To the naked eye this makes no sense and seems arbitrary, but this is 2020 and we can see the rule very clearly: obey your masters or be punished!

Remember the Russian Collusion hysteria circa 2016 – 2019? Multiple daily reports, updates, and stories on every channel and the front page of every newspaper. We just talked about it a few paragraphs ago, remember? Turned out to be a scheme drawn up by Hillary Clinton and executed by the Obama Administration, the FBI, CIA and Justice Department … that one. What if there was an actual money-for-influence scheme being carried out by an individual in the highest level of our government? What if it showed millions of dollars being paid to a U.S. government official and members of their family? What if it could be shown that after receiving payment the U.S. government official used the power of their office to provide favors to the payors, including U.S. aid in the form of billions of dollars of cash? What if there were a trail of e-mails documenting the scheme, the participants, the payors and the recipients? What if those e-mails could be verified on multiple ends of the threads; i.e.: senders and recipients all verified? What if the principal’s signature was on a document confirming ownership of the computer on which the emails were found? And what if participants in the scheme went on television to publicly pronounce their involvement with the U.S. government official? What if all of those things happened? Judging by the Russian Collusion experience of the very recent past, you would probably bet everything you own that this would be the biggest story you will ever follow on American news in your lifetime, wouldn’t you?

You would be wrong. In fact, all of those things did happen. One newspaper published the story. The rest of the press ignored it. NPR said they wouldn’t waste their time on it … again the irony here is too rich to pass up, as they have no qualms about wasting taxpayer dollars on their unnecessary network (where are they the only game in town? As was the original justification for using taxpayer dollars) filled with stories that no one cares about. Without taxpayers wasting dollars on NPR, they would be out of business. Enough digression; the rest of the press ignored the story. Only one cable network reported the story along with some websites and podcasts. It gets worse … Facebook and Twitter banned/removed anyone who linked to the story. The newspaper that published the story has had their Twitter account frozen and it remains so to this day.

The FBI had the laptop in its possession by January 2019 yet stood mute during the Kangaroo Court proceedings masquerading as an impeachment. The laptop contained exculpatory evidence which directly undermined the impeachment charges, but not a peep from the FBI. Why? The ruling class doesn’t like this story. The story is about Joe Biden and his family taking foreign money to influence U.S. policy through the office of the Vice-President.

Who is the ruling class? I think Bernie Sanders gets much of this correct, though his solution is to surrender our liberty to the State … but let’s be positive and say Bernie correctly identifies the problem. The ruling class is the entire Democrat Party (they believe in centralized control at the expense of individual autonomy), probably about half of the Republican Party (they believe in their own power more than any ideal, at least Democrats believe in a [terrible] ideal), the News Media (they are Democrat Party shills who have betrayed their 1st Amendment protections by choosing a side), Hollywood (they control the culture and spoon feed the Democrat Totalitarian ideals to unsuspecting audiences), Academia (they are literally brainwashing/re-educating American youth behind the backs of parents) and Silicon Valley (specifically Facebook, Twitter and Google who unabashedly censor Americans, in the image of Mao). You could throw the Fortune 500 in there because they love lots of regulations which raise the cost of entry to their competition, but they will cozy up to anyone in power. If you want to reduce Fortune 500 influence on government then you have to decrease government power.

In 2020 we can clearly see that the ruling class wants us to vote for Joe Biden because they can’t control Donald Trump. The ruling class demands that they alone tell us what to think. The ruling class will tell us who to vote for, when to be afraid and when it’s okay to feel safe. The ruling class will dictate what we can watch on television or movies, what is okay to laugh at, what news events we should care about, which crimes we should be outraged by and which victims matter. The ruling class will let us know when we can show our faces without a mask, when we can send our kids to school, when we can open our businesses, go back to work, visit with family and friends, celebrate a wedding, and even mourn our dead. The ruling class commands us to repeat aloud their catechism: that America is systemically racist, that it was founded in racism by racist slave owners for the purpose of perpetuating slavery. Anyone who dissents or offers proof to the contrary shall be castigated and ostracized.

In 2020 as our masks went on, theirs came off. If America truly is a good place that deserves to survive, then history will remember 2020 not for the pandemic and the suffering, but for a Great American Awakening symbolized by an electoral landslide on November 3, 2020 which the ruling class did everything they could to prevent.


Welcome to the forums, 2021 could be just as bad or as Biden said in the last debate giving us hope.

Here a good one for all the secret libs now wanting to change their vote.

Kamala Harris: 220 million Americans have died of Covid, in the last serveral months

2/3 the pop. of the USA

My friend…welcome to Hannity Land. That was one of, if not…THE best OP I’ve ever read here. I started a thread about this years ago in the old forum and a couple of years ago in this forum labeled Drip, drip, drip…now let’s connect the dots. You just connected the dots and did it beautifully. My compliments.

Awesome post.

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It will be a dark winter for Joe Biden if he loses. China can’t be happy with him because of Hunter’s sloppiness… which was our gain.

Plus he had to endure that rally with all the huge Trump signs. :mask:

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Here are the candidates that got my money

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You missed the most important, Donald John Trump. While your at it open your wallet for Nikki Haley in 2024.

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