2020 VISION? Sen. Gillibrand Says She May be ‘CALLED’ to Run Against Trump in 2020 | Sean Hannity

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand refused to say Tuesday morning whether she was planning a run against Donald Trump in 2020; saying she may be “called” to do so and will have to “think long and hard about” a potential bid for the White House.

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Unfortunately the Dims just may win.
Trump doesn’t help himself, the Republicans, OR his base with the constant name calling and attacking people in his tweets - it just isn’t necessary and shows how childish he is. I do encourage tweets that keep Americans informed, however, I am completely disgusted when he starts name calling. Calling someone a dog, dumb, crazy, loser, moron, horse face. Really? He may think his base finds this acceptable, but in reality, it most definitely WILL cost us and he WILL lose in 2020. He may believe the strong economy is enough but people have short memories and it seems everyone has forgotten the horrific Obama years. Please tone it down. You’re pissing off your base and losing fans.