2020 VISION: Mike Bloomberg Visits Iowa, Sparks Speculation of Potential White House Run

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/2020-vision-mike-bloomberg-visits-iowa-sparks-speculation-of-potential-white-house-run/

Billionaire Democrat and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg visited Iowa this week; speaking with supporters in the pivotal state just weeks before he’s expected to make an announcement regarding a potential run for the White House.

Bloomberg was addressing progressive voters while promoting his new documentary about climate change; saying Democrats “have to do something” now that they’ve taken control of the House of Representatives.

“If they just sit back and do the same thing that the people they just ousted did then I’m not gonna be happy and I’ve told Nancy Pelosi that,” said Bloomberg.

“They are used to having candidates from around the country come here every four years,” said Bloomberg. “They’ve seen it all and they understand you’re coming here because you want to get to know them and solicit the votes.”

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Hopefully he will push his soda tax as nation priority…that and his anti-gun stance.