2020 political influencer: Taylor Swift


You don’t think she has fans in Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states that were won with paper thin margins?


Even though a lot of Republicans are still obseesed with Hillary, this thread isn’t about her.


It was. Times change


no, but using celebrities is a link to her, and its framework of failure, thought it was relevant to T notso swift stuff


still curious. will you attempt to answer please?


I give her credit, the little girl is finally growing up.


Well she’s no Joe the Plumber, that’s for sure. :rofl:


Bizarre that you needed to explain this.


Can she get under your skin like AOC?


Do you read these posts in order?

Why did you drag race into the thread first?


Here’s the first post in the thread that mentioned race.


finally! i was hoping sickofit was going to mention this. but crickets.

that actually IS an observation, of what the left does, like say, AOC, who gets under my skin because she drags race and gender into things all the time

what else does the left have, right?

that’s why i brought it up, since geetar barbie promotes lefties and democrats

since you are defending sickofit so much, can you tell me why he brought it into this thread?


The smartest thing an entertainer can do is enter the political arena and cut their followers in half.


I’m not defending him. I’m attacking your credibility.

You brought it into the conversation. Period.

You often do and blame others and no I won’t go find examples because like you, I observe and see what you do.


good point if they are really “entertainers” they don’t do that

they are political shills

and idiots


umkay well i don’t “blame” anyone i just observe and accept it mentioned as an observation, but only if it is observable.

otherwise it’s pure narrative crap


Sure you do. You did it in this thread. Here’s you blaming another guest for something you had already brought into the thread first with your “observations”.


i pointed out what the left does. i used quotes

that’s not me dragging something into a thread. that’s me discussing what democrats and the left do

and that’s why it is in quotes

sickofit says it based his (her) personal observation.

of what i guess we’ll never know

so i didnt drag race or gender into the thread. i dragged in what the left so often does which is drag race and gender into everything

: )


In your first post there was no mention of the left. That may have been your intention but we’re limited to your words.

Saying the left always brings up race before it has been mentioned is you bringing race into the thread. It’s pretty simple really. Your post was not in response to anything you heard here. You just blurted it into the thread.

Eat your peas.


wasn’t my thoughts. hence the quotes.

thank you