2020 political influencer: Taylor Swift


A better answer to why she wouldn’t enter politics. She can’t make hundreds of millions on tour while in the Senate


if she wants to keep enriching herself rather than shape the political landscape i guess so

but wonder how much of that she’ll give to leftists who are supposedly against “hate” and “racism”

and “income inequality”


The rich irony of Trump supporters complaining about the blurring of celebrity and politics…


who’s complaining?


Or she can do both. Also it’s funny how the “enriching themselves” seems to be a problem when the person in question isn’t a white male


lol why did you drag race and gender into this?


I guess we are going to pretend many conservatives didn’t spend years stating that athletes/celebrities should shut up about politics only to change their mind the moment Donald Trump came on the scene.


I find it amusing these people think that their celebrity status makes them the pulse of America,
Hollywood has a lower approval rating then congress does.
Funny how Democrats try to use them for votes and it turns people away, Just ask Hillary, LMAO!


Just commenting on an observation



Again…I find it amusing that a Trump supporter posted this.


well first of all trump was a successful businessman decades before he became a tv show star and had a long history of reasoned opinions on policies clear back to Reagan

second, if celebrities can lord over their fans and public with their opinions on politics, then they can be criticized for it

two way street


Mr. Trump didn’t use celebrities to get into office, so try again


He is a celebrity


what exactly did you “observe” and where did you “observe” it?

nothing along those lines (race, gender) was mentioned in this thread in the least

it’s like i’m hearing (not voluntarily) AOC who drags race and gender into every aspect of her so-called “politics”


TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT, he wasn’t president and he didn’t use celebrity status to get elected,lmao


That is entirely what he used.


That and a hatred of Mexicans.


lmao, keep telling yourself that,
we got 2020 and beyond, Democrats knew Barry O was their last stand once they wasn’t able to pull off a Coup to take America over by using head of FBI, CIA and all the lamestream media to get Hillary in there


many democrats (most?) get into politics just to become “rock star” celebrities.

one can see this by glancing (regrettably) at the latest rolling stone cover at grocery checkout or “news” stand