2020 political influencer: Taylor Swift

After her failed endorsements in 2018 Taylor Swift says she feels she has a “responsibility to use my influence” and looks to get more political in 2020. Will her popularity help motivate a traditional inactive voting block to turn out or will she fail to move the needle

I predict she’ll have as much success at that as she has had in her love life.

Well…her entire repitiore comes from her failed love life so…hmmm…



That’s more or less my thoughts but I also greatly underestimated the power of social media influencers have (she has 24 million more followers on Twitter than Trump)

Celebrity, Not a Real Person.

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LOL, Taylor notso Swift tried this a couple years ago and the person lost horribly,
I imagine the same outcome.

Actually she was 1 for 2 endorsements and the 2020 presidential race isn’t going to need a lot of movement to change the outcome.

why doesnt she just run herself?

she probably already knows more about economics and government than say, fellow celebrity AOC, and she’s already a celebrity. she doesn’t need to get into politics to be one like, say, AOC did.

I respect people tapping into their influence in order to push for needed change, even if it is also guaranteed to cost them financially.

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Probably because she likes her life

Unless you are a 70 something white billionaire who spent years hosting a “reality” tv show.


i see your point

but she’s already political and plans to be moreso. that line will blur further

i predict she uses words like “racist,” “hate,” and “income inequality” a lot.

but then she might actually think something up on her own

I think one celebrity, reality TV president is enough for one generation

Is this a better answer?

Taylor Swift Made $54 Million for 6 Days Work.

i didnt think she would consider the presidency, at least not this time

but if she learns anything about business, and has been speaking out about US trade deficits, policy etc for decades she might just have a chance

a better answer to what?

oh “income inequality”

can’t wait till she mentions that

Please no!

Oh and FTR I really dislike Taylor Swift but commend on on her effort

FTR i was kind of a fan till she got political and broadcasted her ignorance