2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

In the very article you cited: UPDATE: After publication of this post, Napa County, California, prosecutors claimed “boilerplate” language that was “auto-generated” is to blame for the drug allegation in Paul Pelosi’s DUI complaint, and that there was no drug involved. :roll_eyes:

Yes it’s on Pelosi, all her fault. The Dem’s ignored the traditional way a minority party has been granted their own picks.

This is happening in many areas, and one of the main root causes is quality control.

Ballot creation gets outsourced to printers. There should be an initial run to be tested for accuracy and quality…a lot of precincts have been skimping on this step.

This doesn’t impact just mail in ballots but actual ballots. As we more and more move to Scan Tron sheets, mail in ballots and in person ballots are precisely the same.

I like the way they do it in the county next door. You select your choices via touchscreen, which then produces a paper ballot you then sense check to make sure it’s right.

That solves a lot of issues at the same time (I.e. you can’t run out of ballots, and quality control is baked in when the machine is programmed).

And your take on why no apparent felony charge with the drunk Pelosi alleged to seriously hurt another person here too?

Many of us we are waiting patiently to see real justice served.

And then with the drunks’ wife Nancy, January is stacking up to be very interesting times in Congress when indications currently show Pelosi will be out as Speaker.

It’s Pelosi’s vaunt that Mitch didn’t want an independent commission?

It’s pelosi’s fault that Mccarthy pulled ALL of his picks?

Come on man…

The GOP made a tactical decision to walk away from this committee. That is on them.

They did it because they know much of their base is easily fooled, so they can have their cake and eat it too.

Plus they knew their leader and many members were complicit in Jan 6.

It was a lose-lose situation.

He pleaded not guilty a few days ago,and apparently DUI is a misdemeanor, not a felony. “Judge Monique Langhorne ordered that the matter be continued until August 23 at 9:00 a.m. At that time, Pelosi may plead guilty or no contest, or the case can be set for jury trial.”

So nothing nefarious. Paul Pelosi pleads not guilty to Napa County DUI charges - CBS San Francisco

Actually a DUI accident with injuries is normally (but not always) a felony in California

She rejected 2 of the picks because they were likely to be part of the investigation because of their actions, the other 3 were fine. It was McCarthy that pulled them. No surprise there.

And you ignore that the GOP rejected a bipartisan commission comprised of non-politicians. Where it would have taken both the Chair and Vice-Chair (DEM selectee and a GOP selectee) to be able to issue subpoenas.

Why? Because Trump** supported specifically wanted to lead those like you to believe it wasn’t fair even after the GOP rejected the fair option.


Maybe because… “medical units also attended but both Pelosi and John Doe refused medical treatment at the scene.”

The “Come on Man!” meme is certainly not working out for Joe so there’s a little bit of that with you here too…

Or maybe its because the Pelosi drunk has lawyer’s offering up shush money to John Doe?

No need to do that if there wasn’t a serious injury involved

You cited Lake in your response. So let’s look at that situation. She has made the claim that there is election fraud in the primaries and she has evidence. However when pressed to bring that evidence forward, silence. When she was asked why she has not offered her evidence to the authorities, .silence.
And I will bet dollars to dog nuts that she will refuse to debate so she won’t get those questions during a broadcast. As I have said before, the lack of credible evidence of election fraud is very telling.

Perfectly alright to do this:



1. the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques: "he is using a common figure of rhetoric, hyperbole"

P.S. Look at this so called standing committee and all the BS they spout out…

Robson was ahead by 2,650 votes on Wednesday evening within Maricopa County. On Thursday evening, Lake took the lead within Maricopa County by 2,481 votes. Mail-in ballots are counted first in Arizona here. I voted for Robson with my ballot and mailed it back early. Most of the Republicans that voted on election day, voted for Lake. If Lake has her way, counting the ballots will take much longer since she wants to get rid of all of the vote-counting machines in this State. I will be voting for Katie Hobbs in the general election.

It is hilarious. Someone who says results changing after an election is proof of fraud wins her race when the results changed 2 days later. Her race was totally legit but it’s obvious fraud when the results go the wrong way

Does she think her constituents are gullible idiots?

What specific BS are they saying?

The man on the TV didn’t go into specifics but I hate Nancy Pelosi and she didn’t fall for McCarthy’s game so it’s her fault somehow