2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Evidence of irregularities a day after the election?
Is she accusing Republicans of cheating?

The government should not be involved in primary elections…

There is nothing in the constitution that addresses primary elections…

And running out of ballots is something that can happen, unfortunately.

With more and more states moving towards paper ballots, how many to deliver to each precinct location is becoming a guessing game. Election boards have to make a prediction.

Probably we will find that the ballots were delivered to the address to which they were sent, delivery to the wrong address would be a USPS problem.

More than likely though he will complain about ballots that were delivered to the correct address, but the individual didn’t notify the board of elections that they had moved.

If something spikes turnout, then unfortunately a site can run out of ballots.

That’s why they have people like me (election judges) who take periodic counts during the day so I a) keep a good and timely reconciliation and b) can see if my ballot supplies are getting low so I can call in for more (the county has several roving bands of workers to address issues like this).

If sites ran out of ballots, it could have been a fault of under-prediction, but the local precinct election teams ought to have been on the ball as well, anticipating they might run out. Or maybe they were but couldn’t get a timely delivery of more ballots because the central teams were either slow or they didn’t have adequate central stocks of more ballots.

We shall have to see what happened here…but it’s not evidence of fraud…it’s evidence of poor coordination.

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Pinal County is a Republican control county. All five Pinal County Supervisors are Republican along with the Pinal County Recorder. The Election Director in that county has recently been fired and replaced by the County Recorder there.

Super red Berks County just fired its election director as well.

This past primary was a disaster for them.

They went to electronic poll books (stupid stupid idea…good ol’fashioned printed poll books are the best), and between when the pilot program was initiated and when the poll books were going to go live for the primary, there was a software update required. They had to do this via five USB memory sticks (can’t have pollbooks connected to the Internet of course, for security purposes).

Election officials only processed updates from four of the memory sticks…the fifth one was the one necessary to do signature uploads…and they forgot to do that update.

Was a complete disaster…in a very red county…but not fraud…just incompetence/sloppiness.

But again…the election deniers/fraud screamers are the very ones who won’t take the time to understand how things work.


So dems are to blame…

Just curious how come you seemingly isolate #45 when in full view Stacey Abrams antics from her loss last time and now running again for the same post continue?

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Sums it up nicely.


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The statement you quote from me is consistent in both those cases.

Democrats that call foul when they lose are also pretty quiet when they win.

I am not isolating to #45, but obviously the actions of #45 and the movement to declare the 2020 election massively fraudulent is unlike anything I have seen before. It is also ongoing.

I hope by now you are giving me some credit since the majority of our “wait and see” discussions have broke to the side of no fraud.

And Trump won that county by 17 points.

I do respect that you typically remain fairly grounded in debating.

That being said, I am surprised you think what Trump is doing here is concerning.

What you assert is “most obvious” I see not only legal but explicit in the constitution as a basic right (i.e. airing out a personal opinion).

Also the irony of the standing committee here saying there is iron clad evidence of Trump doing anything illegal seems rather lame thus far don’t you think?

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I do think it is concerning that serious efforts to set aside a legitimate election result were made and continue to be made at a lesser degree.

I am talking about efforts beyond the complaint stage. Complaints are common and the courts are open to all for that purpose. I am talking about efforts to have legislatures, Secretaries of State and othe non-adjudicating parties unilaterally abdicate the election result based on claims alone (flimsy claims in my opinion, but claims non-the-less).

That is concerning and if not illegal in 2020 should definitely be made illegal going forward.

The only acceptable way to reverse a fraudulent election is to show the fraud and follow some reasonable process (engaging the justice department and the judicial branch generally).

The effort to simply rile up supporters and pressure legislatures to act on faith alone was and is a corrupt practice in my opinion.

Again, I ask you to opine on how corruption by the Dems in Congress on Jan 6th does not exist big time.

If you believe them legit, how else do you explain the behavior of standing committee in essentially disregarding due process including allowing at least some genuine GOP representation/cross examination.

And noteworthy this group of Trump haters still have not furnished in my humble opinion even one shred of direct evidence tied to #45 with any of the wrongdoers convicted/formerly up on charges linked to Jan 6th.

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Trump was told by his two AG’s and two of his top Campaign Managers that he lost the election.
IMHO it is his ego that will not allow him to admit defeat. As I have said before, this whole thing would be different if there was any credible evidence that would support the claim of election fraud. Instead we have a former POTUS who was the first not to uphold the tradition of the transition of power which is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. And because he has claimed that he won the election we have millions of Americans who believe him. And with it, many office seekers who are repeating the lie that he won. And so now we have a number of folks who are running for high state offices (folks that would run and certify elections) that have a platform of making a situation where Republicans would win elections no matter what the vote was. And this situation would place our democracy in a jeopardy we have not experienced.

Making predictions of not conceding is a right and perfectly lawful for politicians running for office on either side. With delays in reporting large chunks of votes being seemingly normal these days, no wonder why GOP candidates like with Lake in Arizona and Oz in PA sounding the alarms to let people know their serious concerns. And with an overall mostly corrupt press in tow nowadays whom seem content in providing cover for the bad actors within government too. How the Hunter Biden laptop being in the FBI’s hands for almost one full year at the time is touted as Russian disinformation is an outright lie. It essentially being kept from the masses across America only a few weeks before the General Election of 2020 likely making unduly the result. That’s placing our democracy in jeopardy as you say. You talk here much like calling the kettle black…as the standing committee has made a mockery of due process concerning Jan 6th. And instead we have #46 installed despite there being grave concerns of the EVIDENCE against him being compromised with foreign interests being very damning.


Democrats don’t care. Their goal is Communism.

There were several opportunities for the J-6 committee to have more GOP representation.

McConnel rejected a 9/11 style committee of non-legislatures, half choose by Dems, half by the GOP. IMO, that would have been the best way to investigate J-6. The GOP rejected it.

Pelosi rejects just 2 of the 5 McCarthy picks, and invited him to replace those 2 with two others. He refused to seat anyone.

The make-up of the committee is on the GOP.

Also, the committee has no power to press charges. You seem to think they do.

Utter nonsense, Pelosi selectively chooses what Congressional rules and precedence to follow. In the end analysis, the only real way to stop #45 from also becoming #47 is the swamp to try and remove him from being the GOP nominee.

P.S. Congress and Garland’s DOJ are in cahoots in my humble opinion…

And now an alleged inside job cover up involving Nancy’s drunken husband Paul is coming out:

Again, Pelosi and Schumer preferred a committee with NO congressional folks on it. A 9/11 style commission with equal representation.

The GOP rejected it.

McCarthy could have had 5 people on the current committee. He reject that.

How is it the D’s fault that the GOP walked away?

Legislatures are political. There has never been and will never be a “fair” investigation or hearing by one. Nor will there be a conviction by one.

This is why claims of voter fraud need to be directed to law enforcement and courts. Bodies who, while not perfect, are devised to be fair and follow rules and practices that support that goal.

So the congressional hearing is what it is… a chance for the party in control to message as they wish.