2020 Battleground States


Which states that he lost can he capture next year?

It’s going to be a lot closer than last time when trump won the triumvirate of Wisconsin, pennsy and Michigan.


That my esteemed forumites is in the rear view mirror.

The only thing that matters is how trump will out.

Hoover would have won in 1932 if he took the same states he did in 1928.


Yes it will.

If the unemployment rate continues to remain low for the next several months, I think that Trump will win Michigan and/or Wisconsin again.

Voters won’t come out for hillary, you are correct.


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No it’s not.

Watch what happens when he signs the trade deal with China.

Not what?


Who here is joining the Trump 2024 team!

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Serious question: what states are going to vote for him that didn’t vote for them in 2016?

I really don’t see the far west or the north east voting for him.

Going to be a lot closer.

I can’t wait til 2030.


EVs? Yes it will.


No, it won’t.

Literally nothing is happening on that front.

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Tell that to Scott Walker.

I did. I also couldn’t believe they stopped campaigning in PA either.

Anyway Trump was lying about being pro union last time and we both know PA is a super strong union state.

This is perfectly normal.

Literally too early.

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He’s not Trump.