2020 Battleground States

The 2020 Presidential election day is now 327 days away, and the 2020 Presidential election will come down to seven or eight battleground States. Recent battleground States such as Colorado, Nevada and Ohio very likely won’t be battleground States during the 2020 Presidential election. The 2020 Democratic candidate is very likely going to win Colorado and Nevada while Trump is very likely going to win Ohio again. The most crucial battleground States during the 2020 Presidential election are very likely going to be Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Other battleground States are very likely going to be North Carolina, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Iowa. While Iowa is likely going to be a battleground state again, I am giving Trump about a 70% chance of winning that state again.

Trump barely won Wisconsin, because voters didn’t come out for Hillary. That won’t happen in 2020.

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I’d add texas. Trump wont win there easy

Yup, Trump will lose Wisconsin. I’m also not confident that Minnesota is a battleground as Republicans hope it is. It was close in 2016, but it won’t be that close in 2020.

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I don’t really know Lucy. I have recently read that Trump’s base is growing a bit in Wisconsin and that impeachment is pretty unpopular there.


He only won Texas by 800,000 votes. It sounds like a lot but it’s not.

Although I don’t see Democrats winning Texas anytime soon.

I am not going to heart that post.


The populations of Milwaukee and Madison/suburbs/Dane county can blast the rest of the state voting block. That’s what happened to Scott Walker.

Yes but this time the Democrat will, most likely, go to Wisconsin.

Trump loses Pennsylvania, I’d wager. He won it last time by less people than voted for Harambe.

I don’t think he will win Pennsylvania this time around, call it a hunch :slight_smile: But I think he is at least 50/50 for Wisconsin and Michigan and I don’t think Florida or NC will be any different than last time. All personal thoughts of course. I will give him 55% chance of winning the election, depending on the rust-belt and more importantly if things stay the way they are in the economy. He is own worse enemy, no president has lost in modern times with less than 7% unemployment here we are at 3.5% and yet it’s a close election.

Here are the most recent polls Biden v trump

Wisconsin Biden 47 trump 46

Texas Biden 47 trump 48

Iowa Biden 45 trump 49

Arizona Biden 44 trump 46

New Hampshire Biden 46 trump 42

All within the MOE


Don’t bet the house! Won’t be able to give these good homer guarantees like 2016. :wink:

Trump will destroy Biden with the exception of NH.

Same thing was said about Clinton and she still got more votes than he (Trump) did.

I just wish we had a GOP primary to allow us to select someone other than President Dennison as our nominee.


If you look above I only give him a 55% chance but if the polls hold that close in Wisconsin he will most likely win, considering last time the polls in Wisconsin had him getting clobbered so bad Hillary didn’t even bother visiting the state.

How many electoral votes. That’s the only thing that matters.

270 is the magic number.


Okay that was pretty funny.

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I’m talking about the ones you listed. I have a feeling he’ll end up with more EV’s than 2016. But Biden is your best chance.

Way, way to early to be calling anything yet… Trump’s financial records, the impeachment trial, a lot can and will happen between now and Nov 2020

Yeah…last time you said “I know my people”.

And we all know how that turned out.