2020: A Return to Normalcy

With his gun control platform, he doesn’t even care about his home state of PA.

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Why respond to me with crap I will dismiss out of hand?

What makes you think Biden cares about those who don’t agree with him? Have you seen his platform? Bernie could have written it.

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We’re done.

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What makes you think that Biden will govern for everyone? It’s a genuine question.

#1 He said so.

#2 He demonstrated it.

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So much disappointment coming for some people.

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I wholeheartedly agree. :rofl:

Trump says a lot of things too… you believe them all? Demonstrated it… what position of power has he been in the past 4 years? How did he demonstrate it?

A true believer. In their minds Joe’s already solved the world’s problems.


I hope so. The POTUS has no business throwing any American state under the bus based on partisanship.


I’ll believe it when I see it.

Hardly, but if the election total gets above 150 million I predict I will have some pie. :drooling_face:

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You have some evidence of this claim? The Republican Party has 34 million members.

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73 million for Biden
70 millin for Trump.
And of course the 73 million are “normal”.
Seems to me that attitude is already hostile toward half the country.


Democrats: We’re not raging at the President and accusing him of all sorts of made up crimes. Thank goodness things are “normal” again.

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They don’t want “normalcy” or “decency.” Our politics are now based on revenge going forward. It’s telling that you believe that any opposition votes are immoral.


Biden needs to condemn this return to a political blacklist like we haven’t seen for over 60 years. It is supported by members of the Democratic party and Biden has already stated “I am the Democratic Party”.


Why would anyone shy away from their last four years? Steven Miller has a heckuva resume now. I’m sure he’ll do great.