2020: A Return to Normalcy

(Note: I have deliberately waited until the election appears to be sufficiently settled. I think we have reached a point were we can safely assume there is no plausible path forward for Donald Trump in the Electoral College.)

Taking EVERYTHING that has happened this week into account. Not just the Presidential race, but the Senate races, House races, state legislative races and State referendums.

2020 was NOT a contest between conservatism and liberalism or even Republicanism and Democratism.

2020 was, at its core, a contest between the last four years and normalcy. Between a garish, narcissistic, impulse control lacking, uncouth sociopath on one side and a boring milquetoast on the other. The American people strongly choose the boring milquetoast and by extension, normalcy.

It is easy to reach this conclusion. Democrats gave up very minor ground in the House of Representatives and for the most part fell short in the Senate. State legislative races have been a mixed bag to this point. And as for State referendums, both sides have scored victories, Republicans knocking down affirmative action in California and Democrats scoring a $15.00 an hour minimum wage in Florida.

It was not conservatism or liberalism that ruled the day in 2020.

It was decency and civility and perhaps just a bit of shame. Enough Republicans displayed enough sense of shame that they set aside their partisan views and crossed the aisle to vote for a man they might disagree with on policy, but who was basically a decent man.

A record number of Americans, 73,572,422 (a number that could push near 80,000,000 by the time all the votes are tallied) spoke and their voice loudly and clearly indicates that they demand a “return to normalcy”, i.e. decency and civility in the White House.


Biden 2020: America needs a nap.


Finally, politics will be boring again.

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National nightmare and all that


Funny how libs now want peace…


“Normalcy” :rofl:


I hope the republicans fight Biden on every single thing. Seems to be the new normal.

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i now formally announce my joining of the resistance. perhaps next week i’ll begin supporting rioters causes while i deny rioting is even happening. impeach 46! 86/46

Well we’re going to see where they stand when libs try to push their radical agenda.


Agreed. The election was less about policy and more about personality, and the American electorate’s exhaustion/frustration in having to endure the latter.

That is an utter certainty.

What’s good for the goose…

Sure, but it’s been a long-standing reality for both sides.

What I wish for, in 2021, is for the Biden administration to put normalcy into writing.

All the not-technically-illegal–but obviously corrupt–behaviors should have rules written against it. No more children as paid advisors. No more Whitehouse patronage to personally owned business venues. No more campaign events in the white house. No more using the DOJ to litigate personal legal matters unrelated to the presidency. That kind of stuff should be put in writing, instead of assuming future executives will behave in an ethical manner.

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Looks like fat donald won’t be conceding any time soon. :rofl:
I can’t wait for the day when Twitter finally suspends his account.


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First time two D senators in AZ since the 1940’s

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I absolutely expect Biden to go full-bore liberal the second he’s sworn in. Watch it.


I fully expect him to govern from the center. In fact, McConnell has already told him who he can and can’t have in his administration.

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Sleepy joe will help.


I expect President Biden to remember he is President of all 50 states. Even the red ones.