2019 College Football thread

For anything related to the upcoming College Football season.

Clemson will win the National Championship.

Alabama will lose the National Championship and will have to be content with the SEC Championship.

The PAC will produce a big bunch of nothing.

The Big 10 will produce a big bunch of nothing.

Penn State will be lackluster, 8 or 9 wins, but will not contend for the Conference Championship game.

Florida State will be fighting to reach 6 wins and return to the post season in some obscure bowl game. While the defense is improved, the offense is nothing. Their post season hopes could literally end with their first game, if they lose to Boise State.

UCF will not be a top team this year. 10 or 11 wins, but not undefeated and any defeat takes them out of contention.

Florida Gators will seriously challenge Georgia for the privilege of losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship game, but I do believe Georgia will prevail. Florida is still a season from reaching top form.

On the Coastal side of the ACC it is wide open, Virginia, Virginia Tech or Miami could win the privilege of getting stomped into the dirt by Clemson.

Oklahoma will win the Big 12, but won’t come close to displacing Alabama or Clemson.

For what its worth, Ohio State will likely top the Big 10. The PAC is wide open.

Bumping this, surely somebody has an opinion on the upcoming College Football season. :smile:

Go Spartans!

I don’t see the Spartans doing better than 3rd in the East. Realistically, I only see Ohio State and Michigan contending.

I know but it’s always nice to dream.


About the same situation with me and Penn State.

At least they have a better chance than MSU. BTW, you didn’t mention Notre Dame. What do you think they’re chances are this season?
They have a puff schedule as usual.

They lost some major defensive players to graduation after last year and this years defense is inferior to last years. They win 9 games at best. They lose on the road to Stanford, Georgia and Michigan in my opinion. They could win their other 9 games, but they play USC, Virginia and Virginia Tech and I think they will likely lose at least one of those games. Notre Dame is out of the National Championship picture from the beginning, but simply as they are Notre Dame they will score a decent bowl game.

BTW, I think Army has the potential to go 11-1 and retain the Commander in Chief Trophy. They will lose to Michigan, but otherwise they are more than capable of defeating their other opponents.

Alabama loses SEC championship to Georgia, goes on to play whatever garbage team from the big 10, probably Penn St, while Clemson cleans Oklahoma’s clock for the 3rd time.

Clemson wins natty, but it’s a challenge. Georgia’s defense will put up a good fight, and Fromm/Swift keep it close, but won’t hold up Lawrence/Etienne and WRU-U.
I’m interested to see what Clemson does on defense. They’ve prepared for the loss of talent last year, rotating players all year long, but we’re talking a lot of loss. I’m sure Venebrels has it handled, and it should be reload and go.

I’m looking forward to another great season of college football. Go Tigers!

There will definitely be some improvement in Virginia Tech’s game this year. The defense won’t be made up of so many freshmen.

But Clemson is still gonna win it all. And after the season is over Trevor Lawrence will go back to his old job as lead singer for Jesus Jones.

Florida beat Miami in a very close game. I don’t think Florida really distinguished themselves here or showed me that they are capable of dethroning Georgia. As for Miami, I still think the Coastal will be a tossup between Miami, Virginia and Virginia Tech and this game did not change my perception.

Yeah, I don’t think Florida is gonna be #8 for very long.

Florida State is doing a bit better than I expected, but they could still blow this game against Boise State, which is a must win for them.

And just as I post that, Boise State takes the lead, 33 to 31 with 12:44 left in the 4th quarter.

And Florida State loses 36 to 31. Well, they are going to have a hell of a time trying to put together 6 wins now. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, Alabama ain’t looking very impressive against Duke. Note that 4 offensive players were suspended for the 1st quarter, so they may turn it around a bit as those players are now in the game.

Georgia State comes in and beats Tennessee in Knoxville.

Definitely the upset of the week.

Impressive come from behind victory by Auburn over Oregon.

Yeah, I though auburn was going to get their face kicked in, but their D held up just enough to give their O a chance to click. I thought it was over by halftime and gave the W to Oregon.

Army is leading Michigan at halftime.

While I will still be surprised if they actually win, Army is performing quite impressively.

If they do win, Army could very well go undefeated.