2018 World Cup Megathread

The 2018 World Cup is upon us. I readily admit to having not been a big soccer fan in the past, but over the last few years I’ve begun to change my mind about the sport. It stems from having immersed myself in hockey, and seeing a lot of similarities. I plan to watch as much of the tournament this year as I can.

So if there are any other soccer fans out there in the new Hannity estates that want to talk shop, come on over to your new one stop shop talk spot. Who’s your pick? How much strategy can you dumb down for me?

My heart says Mexico or Spain, but I don’t know if those are realistic picks.

We’ve had great games. And I’ve already been blasted for calling the US flag a “symbol of failure” while watching España-Portugal. The truth hurts. The symbols of failure are not welcome during the World Cup.

Speaking of ESP-POR, CR7 is just dominant.

Absolutely. Spain dominated a good portion of the game, but Ronaldo is killing them. But I don’t know how the goalie let that last one in. Looked like an easy save.

Nice to see that Iceland held on for the tie vs Argentina.

Mexico is not a realistic pick.

My pick is Germany,you can never write them off and they qualified with a 100% record.
I think England will qualify from the group but no further after that.

My picks are:
Colombia- gf is Colombian :sunglasses:

I liked the call at the end, “Iceland beats Argentina 1-1!”. I chuckled.

Just saw that they open against Germany, so yeah. Mostly I’m just hoping to pick up more of the game so I can truly appreciate what’s going on.

I thought Iceland/Argentina was a really good match. Iceland’s style seemed suffocating when it needed to be, almost a bend but don’t break kind of strategy.

Definitely a good game. Iceland essentially playing prevent defense and having the patience for a shot on goal to appear. Then needing a great stop on a penalty kick. They got both.

Well done Mexico,that was a great result!

Wow! Did not see that coming.

Trying to catch up, had a busy day yesterday. But way to go, Mexico!

Allow me to be shallow for a moment. There are some mighty attractive soccer fans out there. An artistic and beautiful game is made eve more beautiful by the shots of the crowd. :soccer: :heart_eyes:

Germany loses to Costa Rica. Breaks record of making every knock-out round since end of WWll (not counting 1950 when they were still banned). Longest in World Cup history.

Too bad the match wasn’t played at Volgograd(formally Stalingrad) :laughing:

I can just imagine the headlines in the English tabloids.

‘‘Germans defeated in Stalingrad’’

Or even today: ‘‘Germans in Second Retreat from Russia’’

I tipped the Germans to win it now i look silly.

It has been a strange World Cup so far,no one team has stood out and a lot of the traditionally great nations aren’t performing.
If England can beat Belgium tonight the whole country will be convinced we can win the whole thing.

Maybe they’ll have a chance since Iceland didn’t make out of the group stage :wink:

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Ha ha you’re right.

Seriously though I can’t see England winning it,we are at best average.

My personal opinion, a major problem with the English team is all its team come from the EPL. I believe they need a team with mix of players playing in the top teams of the top European leagues. There was one potential player in the Bundesliga, but he was left off the team. This is the downside of all the money in the EPL.

Funniest thing I’ve heard in a week. And I’ve heard some funny ■■■■■