2018 Tropical Weather thread

Now it’s down below 120, FOX is saying 115.

By the time it makes landfall it won’t be much more the topical storm with bunch of rain.

Wow, either what you heard or I heard is way off.

I haven’t listened to network news for ages, but have been this week.

This is a monster storm and huge in size, and it may sit right off the coast for days.

Now sustain winds are 110.

It’s becoming more of rain maker then anything else.

I’d prefer that you turn out to be correct of course, but that’s not what anyone else is saying.

Florence is forecast to crawl up to the North Carolina coast late this week and turn slowly left – a development that would smash the Tar Heel State with life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and inundating rain while also endangering a large portion of South Carolina.

Storm surge won’t be anything like if it was 150 sustain winds.

This storm will be a rain makers…damage from winds not so much.

this storm is not as powerful as the media is trying to make it out…their is a reason why they’re doing it.

You think the Governors of SC and NC would be telling hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate if it wasn’t necessary?

They have to tell em.

This is from the weather channel.

Hurricane Florence continues to expand in size. Hurricane-force winds now extend outward up to 80 miles the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 195 miles from the center. This expansion in size only increases the hurricane’s energy and potential for significant storm surge.

The National Hurricane Center noted Wednesday evening that while Florence has weakened some, “the wind field of the hurricane continues to grow in size. This evolution will produce storm surges similar to that of a more intense, but smaller, hurricane, and thus the storm surge values seen in the previous advisory are still valid.”

Fake News!

thank God it’s weakening some.

Downed trees, power outages and damage to some roofs. Flying chimney caps, lol.

We got the outskirts of Charlie, winds of about 110 MPH. No power for two weeks, cell phones out for 3 days and debris everywhere. That was a fast moving storm, the damage would have been worse if it were moving more slowly.

Now imagine if Charley was class 4 or 5 storm.

Those in tornado country can tell you. There is a difference between class 2 and class 4 or 5 tornado.

I watched/out when David as it skirted Palm Beach.

The energy in the storm has not particularly lessened. The peak wind speed dropped, but hurricane force winds have spread out over a much greater area. A storm surge from a prolonged 110 mph wind is not significantly different than a brief storm surge from a 150 mph wind. Furthermore, the predicted storm track is westerly just of the coast placing the strong onshore winds perpendicular to the coast for the entire duration. There is going to be some serious wave and water damage on the barrier islands and well into the lowlands on the mainland.

Well see. But I do see energy being spread out over larger area is a good thing instead of being concentrated in a smaller area.

I see the problem will be more in massive rain/flooding then wind/surge.

That’s my two cents worth and I’m sticking with it.

No doubt. I’d much rather deal with a hurricane than a tornado. At least with a hurricane you have a few days’ notice. Although the sustained winds with a hurricane over a period time does a lot of damage as well

The same energy spread over a larger area damages a greater area and more people. And most of damage from hurricanes is from water, not wind. If your roof blows off in a 110 mph wind and fills with water, it’s just as destroyed as if it was blown apart by a 150 mph wind. Some official down there said it well … it’s like the difference between being hit by a cement truck instead of a train.

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No doubt.

I’ve been in hurricane as eye skirted Palm Beach back in 79. Hell I tried surfing in it hours before it hit. And that had 90 mile an hour winds

Dumb move…Darwinism at it’s best.

And I seen the damage of Andrew even thou I wasn’t near it, went there to help with recovery.

All I can see is big difference. Andrew had damage miles and miles inland dou to high winds.

I can only imagine the winds in that storm.

I have to disagree with you.

Being hit with 150 mile an hour wind verses 100?

I’ll take the hundred even thou it’s spread out more.

This storm is going to be a rain maker.

Hey genius, he is saying 1000 homes hit by 100 mph winds is worse than 100 by 150, if severe damage starts at that level.

I know it doesn’t fit your new “fake news” narrative, but at least get it straight.

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You say this as if you’re being prophetic.