2018 Tropical Weather thread

Looks like Florence is going to chug right up the middle of the alley in North Carolina. Landfall at or near Wilmington as a major hurricane and could still be a hurricane when it reaches Fayetteville/Fort Bragg. Could still be an organized tropical depression when it reaches Mount Airy,although it will quickly go post tropical and disintegrate once it crosses into the Appalachian Mountains.

I had intended to go down to North Carolina this week, but under the circumstances, this would not be a good time to do that. :smile:

Going to be quite a mess as all of Florence’s path from Wilmington to just past Fort Bragg is in the low lying Atlantic Coast plain, before it hits the interior Piedmont. The people living past the fall line don’t have too much to worry about, but the people leaving east of the fall line are going to have a mess.

I worry about the farmers in eastern Ohio/Ohio valley area, eastern Pa. Massive flooding at a time when they should be harvesting/filling their silo’s with corn.

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We have already been flooding up here in Northeast Pennsylvania recently. A massive rain event could really screw things up for some people here.

Obama and is damn weather machine is at it again

Yeah…I’m somewhat worried about friends I have back there. Harvest season is right on em.

Is it expected to get that far inland before it turns north?

Close…and then stall is what they’re predicting.

Just reached cat 4. Could become cat 5 just before landfall. Models predict up to two feet of rain at higher elevations of the Carolinas and Virginia after it stalls out.


Storm Surge is the thing to worry about on the coasts…More Inland they are talking 16 to 20 inches of rain. Some areas have already been hard hit with rain for three or four days already.

In my opinion, whatever gets destroyed should not be rebuilt in the area’s along the coasts. Like with Houston, which is built in a coastal flood plane. These area’s like flood planes are supposed to flood…It is what protects the mainland from that kind of considerable damage.

There is a big hot air dome setting up over the middle part of the country…this will keep it from moving westward and then back out over the northeast. I fear that this thing just kind of goes inland…and then sets up as a huge rain event along the entire eastern seaboard…up through the Canadian Provinces and then out to sea.

Well the storm has weaken little and slowed it’s movement. Now it’s expecting to hit Fri morning instead of Thur night during high tide.

So that’s big plus.

Either way democrats and the media will make this political.

That’s good to hear…and you are right. Just like with Bush and Katrina…I am afraid whatever Trump does as President won’t be enough. It’s not like he did a stellar job in Puerto Rico over the past year…but this is an opportunity that he has learned to handle an event like this. I hope he has. Americans will need all the help they can get in the coming weeks.

These days the lead up is usually way more dramatic than the actual weather event.

I say it hit’s land fall under Cat 2.

Puerto Rico was a disaster prior to the storm.

The feds did everything right. In fact I would give em pretty good grade under those conditions.

And that’s saying something because I rarely compliment the feds.

Yes…you are correct about it being a disaster before the hurricane…I was speaking more about his inability to look like he was doing anything. All of this went on for months afterward and Puerto Rico was more an after thought to him. I think a lot of cool things have come out of this disaster. Telecommunications putting up hovering towers on balloons, my brother in laws company is helping with the production of a moveable solar generator that can operate the power for up to 6 homes or 3 or 4 businesses. All of which are pretty cool. But these innovations came out of the private industry. Which is why I still think America is a pretty awesome place.

You are correct. Although I like seeing Ginger Zee in storm surge! LOL…They have to fill the news cycle with something…It might as well be 72 hours of storm coverage before the storm even hits. Right?

The Tropics are on fire…check this picture

From what I’m hearing the storm surge and massive rainfall are the biggest threats. At least a million have been ordered to evacuate from the coasts. All governors are being responsible here and doing the right thing.

I’m right in the middle of NC and you can’t buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of water in grocery stores. Harris Teeter looks like World War Z.

Best of luck and best wishes Force field…stay safe.