2018 Senate races


She will be reelected if you get out to vote for her.


Are you being sarcastic?


Replace Montana with Tennessee and you got a good list.

Tester is safe. The same way manchin is safe. Very popular in a red state.

It’s why Tennessee is on the list. Breseden popular.



I’ve been of the opinion for some time that if republicans would change their stance on this one issue alone, there would be a huge shift.

Were I graphically inclined and soundbyte capable, I’d create a meme with a cannabis plant surrounded by The plant that killed the GOP


I definitely agree. And more and more within the GOP are becoming aware of this reality too. The country has shifted too far away from them on this one issue.


There’s still some very bitter clingers.

The voters in Oklahoma approved a resolution for medicinal cannabis recently. When they obtained enough signatures to get it on the ballot, Scott Pruitt held it up in his office… ‘Ooopsie! Too late to get it on the ballot this time. Better luck next time.’

Trump relieved them of his presence and when it made it to vote, the voters approved it.

Mary Fallin, their republican governor has allowed the board of health to effectively override the will of the people.


Doesn’t matter which side. They prove time and again that they have no regard for the people they’re supposed to represent.


I think the mistake is saying that a county or whatever is deep red…we are seeing even deep red sections have massive swings.

While the Senate will be tight…I dont think the house will be…which i hope the dems do take back control…we need a check against the right…


Top Oklahoma GOP leaders supporting the voters on 788.

Color me surprised.