2018 Debt Up $1.2trillion


Identity politics…


Majority of our debt us owed to ourselves


I just mentioned this corp bubble in another thread.

My friend who owns an M&A firm (and teaches an Econ class at HBS) told me about it awhile ago. They and everyone else they know are now in all cash.


You should go to that website… it is really eye opening.

My next stop is open secrets to see if there is any info of who donates to them.


Nobody cares. Certainly nobody in politics. Both party’s have done nothing but run up the debt over the past 50 years. It doesn’t matter who is in charge. Spend, spend, spend. They both suck. All they do is talk. And they only do that when the other party is in power. It makes me want to barf when anybody talks about how good their party is on the debt. :face_vomiting:


Damn I’m gewd