2018 Debt Up $1.2trillion


The good 'ole days, seems like eons ago.


I wonder where these idiots are at right now.




The good ole days.


Remember their indignant outrage about teabags? Lol!


The children! Think about the children!!!

It is VERY telling how quiet cons are on this subject. It’s almost as if they have no principles


Hey, it’s actually understandable that a ton of people freaked when Eazy-E and Lil’ Kim became President and First Lady. They had to start some kind of movement (Tea) to get them out. They should have at least been honest about though. Or be honest now and say they never cared about our national debt.


You know those black people only bring debt… they live beyond their means… and have bad credit and they have a bunch of babies out of wedlock…

Basically what they thought Obama was… they actually voted in the white version of that caricature


Just checking for outrage from conservatives about this massive spike in the deficit.

Super duper surprised they are not freaking out about this. Outside of Obamacare it was pretty much the signature issue they had with Obama.


Tea Partiers were plain ole Birthers.


You dont hear much about Obamacare either


Which is why I want Republicans to win in November.
Let them get us out of the mess they create for once.

Note to Democrats: Boycott the Vote.


Who would have thought GOP controlled Congress and POTUS would be running $1trillion deficits at full employment and you wouldn’t hear a peep about it in the CEC and on these boards


I’ve got to say - I was pretty hard on Obama during his presidency due to things like the rising debt and spending money like there was no tomorrow. Back then, I pretty much thought things like that were why the Republican party opposed Obama.

Now, Trump is doing the same thing, and they are completely silent. I’ll be the first to admit when I am wrong - and I was woefully wrong in my assumptions back then.


Obama decreased the deficits as the economy grew out if the recession. Trump increased the deficits (almost doubled) with an economy full gears turning. Quite a big difference if you ask me. $1trillion deficits at 9% unemployment after a financial crisis is one thing…


I went to Wal-Mart, bought a bunch of tea bags, and have them taped to my hat.

All set for the Tea Party rally I was certain would be happening. Haven’t been able to find one in my area though, I’m a little shocked since I live in a blood red district.

Gotta find something to do with my tea bag hat now. :disappointed_relieved:


It should be acknowledged that some deficit increases would have occurred in 2017-2018 regardless of policy. I don’t remember the exact number but I think the CBOs estimates had it increasing by about 30-40% over the 2016 number due to expected rises in entitlement spending. 30-40% is obviously a lot less than 100% though.


That’s fair. But Trump and the “fiscal conservative” GOP increased the slope of that line significantly.


…and a proven track record of letting bailing out the perpetrators and leaving main street holding the bag.


Here’s why we don’t need to be worried about robbing our grandchildren now:

We already broke their education system, we’ll always be smarter than them.

We’ve poisoned their food supply and polluted their environment. They’ll remain weak.

Sure our broken healthcare effects us all, but as begin we rot and fester sooner the likelihood of them cannibalizing us decreases.

Now all we have to do is keep them placated and paying into social security accounts. Remember, every $1 you give them in a birthday card now equals another day before they figure it all out.


When your interest payments become bigger than most of the world’s GDP are you really a country or are you just leasing it?

'member this one?